Dating Is Easier With Confidence

The one thing that most women will agree they want in a guy is confidence, but unfortunately not every guy has it. They feel intimidated when approaching a girl for the first time and that almost guarantees that the result will probably be a rejection; that means that to have a chance of getting dates you need to make a psychological change that gives you some extra confidence before you even ask for one. Here are some of the things that will help you gain that confidence.

Take A Look Around

If you take a look around, then you will notice that there are plenty of women out there; a lot of those women are single and to you that means that what they say about “plenty of fish in the sea” is true. You may not always get the girl that you wish you would get, but if there is a rejection then there are millions more waiting to talk to you. You should also pay attention to couples. While it is not necessarily good to compare yourself to others in this case you will be able to see that some guys do not look like Greek gods, and yet they seem to have no problem getting women. That means that it is possible to meet women when you make the little adjustments.

One thing to remember however is that you should not compare yourself to other guys out there. While you may feel that you are better looking than some of them you do not know why she decided to go out with him in the first place. Women are not as superficial as men and maybe he has a heart of gold or risked his life to save a puppy from a burning building. You do not need to measure your attributes against his, just know that if they can meet the woman of their dreams, so can you.

Work On Your Grooming Habits

Your grooming habits are really important when you are looking to meet more women and get more dates. Make sure that you shower at least once a day (twice a day if necessary). Invest on yourself by going to a good hair salon, getting products like skin lotion, cologne, good hair products and do not be afraid to get a manicure once in a while. Also make sure that you do not have hair sticking out of your nose every time that you breathe or that the hair sticks out of your ears. You should also take care of the unibrow if you have one. If you think those habits are feminine, then get those thoughts out of your head.

Another mistake that men make when grooming is that they will use excessive cologne. Cologne is good in moderation so make sure that you do not over do it. The idea is that the cologne should not be smelt from a block away. The girl that you are with should not detect the smell of your cologne until she gets close enough to do so. Same rule applies to hair product. While a little of it will keep your hair organized, too much of it can stop her from running her fingers through your hair.

Work On Your Posture

You will not meet women like that

If you want to really have better confidence then you need to work on your posture. The way that you stand or seat will tell women a lot about you and your confident. Try getting used to walking with your chin up instead of looking at the floor. When walking you should do so with a purpose and never as if you are lost. That does not mean walk too fast, as you can feel confident using a slow walk, but if you are looking down and your back looks arched down then you need to make improvements right away. By assuming the right posture you will not only look more confident, you will feel more confident as well.

Your Facial Expressions

Since we are trying to project more confidence it is time to talk about the most important things that you can do and those are your facial expressions. You need to learn to smile more; not necessarily a big laugh or smile that shows all of your “pearly whites” but a smile is a great way to project confidence. A smile on your face tells people you are talking to that you love life and that you are happy to live it. Since your face is the one thing that will be in display when you meet women then a smile is a must.

It is also important to work on the way that you look at women. Some people say that "the eyes are the window to the soul", but if people stare at a window for too long it can become creepy. Make sure that you make eye contact, but that you do not keep your eyes on her at every moment of the conversation. There are other things to look at, but you can keep coming back to her eyes. No staring into her eyes in a long awkward pause because that can go from sexy to creepy in 5 seconds.

Add A Little Humor

Some women will say that sense of humor is important, but guys should recognize what that means. You should not try to become Chris Rock out there because having a sense of humor does not mean that you should leave them in stitches. A couple of silly but not self-deprecating lines would be more than enough. From there on you should let your smile do the work for you. Besides you should let her do most of the talking; if she says something funny then do not be afraid to laugh. Also no inappropriate jokes when you don’t know someone all that good. You can prepare a few lines before you ever go out so that they can come out naturally when you say them. Being prepare will make you more confident just like studying would make you more confident about a test.

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