Facebook is now the most popular site in the world with over 900 million users. This makes it one of the best, if not the best, places to market any business online. And the Facebook team is constantly adding new features, and improving old ones, to help businesses get the most out of their marketing efforts.

Once you’re page is up and running it’s time to get more fans to your page and hopefully convert them into paying customers. The key to success here is to find your targeted audience and customers and build a close relationship with them. The good thing is that it’s free (unless you use paid advertising) and you can spend less than one hour a day to build your presence online.


Let’s continue and jump into the 5 ways you can get more fans for your Facebook Page:

1. Advertising. With the paid advertising option you can target your ads based on location, demographics and interests and reach your targeted audience exactly. By writing good ads and using a relevant picture you can capture your audience’s interest and turn them into fans.

2. Share quality content on you page. The key to engaging your customers is to post quality content that matters to them. You can pretty much post anything that you believe your audience will find valuable and benefit from. A good things is to vary your status updates with text, pictures, videos and links to keep your page alive and exciting. Recently Facebook made it possible to use paid advertising to promote your status updates to engage your fans and their friends.

3. Link your other social media profiles to Facebook. If you operate like most businesses do today, you use more than one social media network to market your business. Link your social media profiles, such as Google+, Youtube and Twitter to your Facebook Page. It’s even possible to automatically post every status update directly to your Twitter page. Once your audience and customers see that you have a presence on Facebook too, they will most likely connect with you there as well.

4. Optimize your website for Facebook. Make it easy for your visitors to connect with your page by installing a Facebook plugin or placing an icon on your website. This will almost automatically direct your visitors to your Facebook page. You can also let your visitors and readers share your content to their friends on Facebook by installing a share button on your website. This is one of the most powerful word of mouth advertising strategies that exist online.

5. Include Facebook in your email marketing. If you have a big email list of subscribers you could potentially be sitting on a gold mine. By placing a text link or icon in your email signature your readers can easily find and connect with you on Facebook as well. And if your readers doesn’t already know that you have a Facebook Page, write an email and invite them to come and check it out.

These 5 way to get more Facebook fans for your page won't work unless you implement them into your Facebook strategy. Take action, make mistakes, learn from them and continue build your fanbase on Facebook. Good luck!