Having good communication skills is something that will really help you throughout life. Having good communication skills is very important when you are trying to build up relationships, imagine going out on a first date and not being able to say anything. Having good communication skills is also a way of improving the image that you present to the world around you. Having good communication skills is not only about speaking properly or having a vocabulary of more than a few words; it is also about how you are projecting yourself to other people. Your body language also has a lot to do this but that is for another article. There are a few things that you can do to improve the way your views by other people.

Presented here are 5 really good tips that will help you to improve your communication skills.

1. Keep you laughing down to a minimum. A loud boisterous laugh is always going to get up people's noses. You should also never cover your mouth when you are laughing, it looks a bit sneaky. Try to develop a warm and open laugh which will be much more appreciated.

2. Try to be careful of your volume. If you speak too loudly or too low you are projecting weakness. You should always try and keep your voice at an even level that is comfortable and pleasant for those around you. Somebody who is shouting is not necessarily being listened to. Also people can find it very difficult to maintain interest in the conversation when they have to strain to hear what somebody is saying.

3. Try to be careful that you concentrate on the conversation around you. Much of the time, if people are not interested in the conversation that is going on around them they will drift away in their minds. This can really hurt the person who is talking to you because most of the time they will be able to tell that you are no longer listening to them. You could also miss out on a piece of valuable information.

4. Never interrupt. When you are listening to somebody, your brain is also trying to work out what your next contribution to the conversation is going to be. It is after all a conversation and you will be expected to interact. But you should never feel the need to interrupt somebody when they are speaking in order that you can relate an "excellent l" story that you have just thought of. It doesn't matter how much practice this takes, you must always let the other person finish before you can start speaking again.

5. Do not finish other peoples sentences for them. This is one of the things that I find most annoying about an ignorant conversationalist. If somebody tries to finish my sentences for me I take it as a sign of arrogance on their behalf because most of the time they were wrong in their assumption about what I was going to say. You should never feel the need to finish someone sentences regardless of how slowly they are speaking.

If you follow these tips then you are well under way to improving your communication skills.