If you have written a good sized portfolio of online articles, you have probably improved your writing style over time and learned some tricks along the way. You have probably also increased your Google adsense income on your most recent articles because of your experience. It is a good idea to go back and apply what you've learned to your earlier online writing when time permits. Here are 5 ways you can improve your old articles.

I was surprised when I went back and re-read my first ten or 20 articles. Some of them haven' t made much adsense revenue, and now I could see why.

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1. Add keywords
It is inevitable that you will learn how to use keywords better the more you write. An advantage you have with posted articles is that now you can see what ads are posted. I recommend searching other articles on the same topic and see what ads they draw. Improve your article by making keyword adjustments that target the ads you want to draw. This is the biggest improvement you can make.

2. Include pictures
It's difficult to figure out the text editors on the different online writing sites in the beginning. I had a devil of a time trying to figure out some of the photo upload procedures. A photo or two on articles makes them much more appealing and more likely to attract viewers. If you didn't use photos on your early articles, go back and upload some. You should see an improvement in numbers of viewers. (You can also add a keyword when you name a photo).

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3. Add meta tags
Tags are actually called meta tags. They are related to in-content keywords. On many writing sites, you can add meta tags to the article to help Google adsense webcrawlers figure out how to categorize your writing. I may have added two or three tags in my early articles, but now I realize that you can add at least five or more on most sites. These are free keywords, use as many meta tags as you are allowed, but keep them relevant to the subject.

4. Links to your other articles
If you are allowed to add links to your related online writing, this can help add a lot of traffic to your writing portfolio. You probably were not able to do this on your early articles because you didn't have many articles to link together. Now that you have more, add links within the article or list some at the end that relate to the current article. The incoming links also give each article more authority, which Google and other search engines recognize as popularity. Search engines rank articles higher when they have more incoming links. These links invite the reader to continue reading rather than having an article be a dead end.

5. Add your referral link if possible at the end
If allowed, add your referral link at the end of articles, you can get a few referrals this way. You can also add a link to your homepage so readers can view the rest of your writing.

Good luck in your writing, and I hope you find some of these ideas useful.