You have just gone through a heart wrenching breakup with your long time boyfriend and you are absolutely devastated. You spend hours yo-yoing between self-pity, or agonizing over the fact about how he could have dumped you with such callousness. Instead of weeping silently into your pillow into the wee hours of the morning, you need to smarten up and devise ways and means to get your back on your boyfriend. There is no better way to make him realize that he has committed a huge mistake than by making your self the most sought after girl, among all the eligible bachelors.

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Regret Breaking Up With You

You need to put in some extra effort if you want to savor the sweet revenge you are planning to mete out to your boyfriend. If you simply follow the sensational tips listed below, you will definitely have your boyfriend raring to get back with you. So, stop wallowing in self-pity and wizen up girl!

Pay Attention to Your Looks

This time around, you need to look so ravishing that it should leave your boyfriend conjecturing as to what made him break up with you in the first place. You need to look sweltering hot and for this you have to invest some extra time and effort into the way you appear. If you are overweight, hit the gym and get rid of the extra flab. Eat wisely to get glowing skin and lustrous hair. Give yourself a complete makeover. Get rid of your frumpy clothes and invest in some short skirts and hot tops. Get a new haircut and perfect the art of makeup. Smolder in some killer heels and most likely you will have your ex-boyfriend raving to get back with you.

Flirt Like Crazy

Firstly you need to find out his regular haunts. Next you need to land up there yourself looking like a million bucks. Then you need to act like your whole life depended on being the belle of the party. Flirt outrageously with his pals. In two shakes your ex-boyfriend will be seething with jealousy.

Get Back Into the Dating Scene

Instead of moping around in your bedroom and playing the ‘He loves me. He loves me not game’ get back in to the dating scene as quickly as you can. Meet some interesting guys and plan dates with them. In short, live life big time. When your boyfriend sees that you are not pining away for him he will definitely regret having broken up with you in the first place.

Put Him on Voicemail

If your ex-boyfriend calls you up, don’t jump straight off the sofa and answer his call on the second ring. Keep your ex-boyfriend guessing, by making yourself unavailable. Don’t answer his calls and send him straight to voicemail. Let him known that you have other priorities in life. The more you keep him dangling the more he will regret having ever broken up with you.

Be Super Successful

Work your way up in your career. When he knows that you have become super successful with a high-flying career, he will regret his impetuous decision to break up with you.

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