If you are a small business owner you may find yourself wondering how are you supposed to find time to regularly tweet, blog and comment on forums to promote your business, while at the same time getting things done! Actively marketing your small business website, specially on a budget, takes time that could be better spent on getting new clients and exploiting the leads you got from the website. The following five small business marketing methods will continue to working without direct action on your part long after you have implemented them, freeing your time to do other important things, such as making money.

Affiliate Marketing

Why work marketing your products or services when you can paid others to get you sales? We are not talking about making money with affiliate marketing, but spending money so other people promote your website and send you customers. You don't need to join an affiliate marketing network to create your own affiliate marketing program, but that is often the easiest option as they will keep track of sales and money, and keep fraud under control. You will also reach a wider pool of affiliate marketers willing to promote your product if you are backed by an established network. Using affiliate marketers to promote your products will reduce your profit margin, but allow you to tap into audiences that were previously inaccessible, and most importantly, with each sale you'll get a new lead that you can promote other products later on.

Writing Articles

Writing articles and distributing them to article directories is not only good for SEO, it can also be a great way of bring real, human traffic to your websites. Sites such as EzineArticles have a loyal base of readers that look for material they can republish on their own websites, with the links intact. Other sites, such as Infobarrel, don't accept duplicated content but have a large number of daily readers that search them for information on a variety of topics., not to forget all the people who will find your articles when searching for things they need or advice, and will then go to your website thinking you are an expert on the matter. If you don't think you can spend the time required writing high quality articles, think twice: You are after all an expert on your niche, and writing a simple 500 words article solving a question a customer asked you or commenting on the uses of a particular service should be a quick thing. Evergreen articles will continue advertising your website for years without you having to do anything.


Think of an ebook as a larger and somehow more respectable way of article marketing. While people often stumble upon articles by accident while doing a Google search, most people purchase ebooks with the intention of reading them and using them as a reference. It is also very common for businesses to give away ebooks for free as a way to reward clients or those who sign up to the business newsletter where you can advertise your products to a captive and interested audience. One of the major benefits of ebooks is that once written, your ebook will need little in terms of marketing and will be a long lasting tool to promote your business and reward your readers. You don't need specialist knowledge in order to publish a succesful ebook, and you can use marketplaces such as E-Junkie to sell it and leverage affiliate marketing to increase sales, in case you are selling it.

Stationery And Business Cards

Adding your website address to your stationery and business cards is a simple step you can take in order to market your small business passively. You never know where that pen you gave the delivery boy when he forgot his will end, and maybe somebody will be prompted to visit your website and take a look at what you are offering. Adding your website address to your business cards has another benefit: People will be able to do their own research by looking at your website, and so will be more likely to call you with their mind already half set on buying what you offer. Often people are wary of contacting a sales person without being well prepared, and if they are going to do research anyway at least you can make sure they know where to start, instead of just using Google and stumbling on your competition by mistake.

Email Signatures

How many emails do you exchange during your average week? Another action that you can take to market your small business without actively working on it is putting your website address on the signature of every email you send, and even use it on your forums and any other online profite you usually maintain, such as your LinkedIn profile. While you won't get the same results as actively promoting it, it's an easy way of spreading the word about your small business without having to produce new content to Tweet or add content to your Facebook page.