Mosquitoes are a real nuisance. They buzz around, biting  people of all ages, leaving behind itchy blotches.

These tiny, little insects have been known to cause  preventable, curable diseases such as Dengue Fever.

Dengue fever, according to local service announcements, usually occurs when your immune system from time to time gets low. With this happening, your body is left susceptible to the ailment.

According to most doctors, signs and symptoms are as follows:

- headaches

- joint pain

- painful eye movements

- fever

- chills

The virus runs it course normally within a week. Interestingly enough, a person can get Dengue Fever more than once.

The bureaucracy  for health and the environment is usually responsible for tackling this problem (and situations like this). However, there is only so much that they can do.

Mosquitoes lay their offspring in water and can multiply very quickly.

Below are 5 ways to prevent mosquitoes from being a real pain. The steps include:

1. Purchase mosquito repellents/ sprays: these are usually inexpensive to buy from local food stores. Make sure spray from a considerable distance away from your body (especially your face and body) toward the crowd of insects.

2. Empty water out of any containers that you can find around your yard: be sure to constantly look around your yard for containers that contain "standing water". Mosquitoes survive and breed in these conditions.

3. Invest in screen doors: get a handy-man or handy-woman to install these throughout your home. Screen doors prevent mosquitoes from easily entering the premises.

4. Mow your lawn on time, especially during mosquito season: mow your lawn as much as possible. It is also usually a great idea to clean out any gutters, and drains (things of that nature) because mosquitoes can hide and grow in these areas.

5. Change your pet's water regularly, even if they live inside: whether your animals lives inside or outside, their water bowl still can serve as a breeding ground for all mosquitoes.