Having stomach pains? These are five quick ways to make yourself feel better, regardless of the cause. So buck up because you'll be better in no time! Note that not all of these will work on certain specific issues.

DISCLAIMER - I am not a doctor. These are simply things I find work best to relieve the pain. If you have serious pain or pain that consist, consult your physician.

1. Drink Coconut Water

This is an odd but effective one. Drink about 12 ounces of coconut water three times a day to ward off stomach pain, the effect will kick in after about one hour. It may also have you feeling more peppy because it is rich in electrolytes. It is also advised that you drink plenty of regular water to complement this. If you feel that you must have something different though I would suggest a plain soda after drinking the coconut water. It's important to stay hydrated!

2. Use A Heating Pad

Take a small heating pad and lay it directly on top of the abdominal area, occasionally shifting it to make sure the entire affected area receives relief. Do this while laying down with your feet raised, to ensure maximum comfort and relief. Be sure not to exert yourself in any way while doing this, so it's probably best that you relax for an hour if you have the time, whether or not your stomach continues to hurt.

3. Burnt Toast

Yeah it's nasty. But charcoal has been proven to help everything from a minor stomach ache to severe diarrhea. It absorbs the toxins in the stomach, providing you with quick and easy relief. May want to use some of that coconut water to wash it down though. For children, scraping a little bit into a glass of tap water and having them drink it slowly may help. Be sure there is no large bits in it though.

4. Pickle Juice

Another one that many may find less than pleasant. Drink about 6 ounces of the juice and lay down, not ingesting any other liquids for about 10 minutes. It will ease your stomach pain for a few hours, allowing you to find a more permanent solution. Many children find this much more pleasant than medicine too.

5. Peppermint

After all those nasty solutions this may be a welcome relief. Eating peppermint leaves or drinking peppermint tea provides almost instant pain relief for those in need of a quick remedy. It usually last only a few hours though. This is generally a good one for people who wish to stay all natural or organic. Make sure you buy good quality peppermint leaves though.