Today, humans put a greater strain on the earth than ever before. While there are many factors that go into damaging the earth's ecosystem and natural habitats, there are things you as an individual can do to reduce your impact on the earth and help restore the earth's natural habitats. Read on to learn what measures you can take to reduce your global impact on the earth.

The best thing you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint is recycle to help reduce the impact and stress we human beings place on mother earth. You can recycle a variety of household items ranging from anything like plastic, glass, or aluminum to unwanted paper. It may cost an extra fee to recycle but it is well worth it.

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Another great way to go about reducing your global impact is to go about saving money on paper products by using less of it. Consider going paperless when you can. Our society is headed towards an age where everything will be done on the computer and internet and there won't be much paper used in businesses and other places. More and more companies are sending monthly bills, statements, and advertisements via the internet. Why not get a jump on this trend by doing as many things like conducting transactions or reading materials online or with a ebook reader as opposed to relying on paper that comes from trees.

Consider how you do laundry as a possible way to reduce your global impact. Consider washing your clothes in cold water. A lot of newer washing machines come with features that allow you to clean your clothes with cold water. Your clothes will be just as clean and you are saving energy by not using hot water to wash your clothes. In essence, you still get your laundry done and you are saving the environment.

Something else to try is using less energy in your home. This means turning off lights when you aren't using them,  unplugging appliances when not in use, and  turning the air conditioner unit off in the summer time and opening the windows if you can. This will help you reduce your carbon footprint and as a result help you save more money on your utility bills. You will consume less electricity and energy if you unplug appliances not in use because items that are plugged in a outlet still consume electricity even if they aren't being used at the time.

Driving a car that emits less exhaust emissions into the air can help save planet earth. You might try getting a  car that doesn't require a lot of gas to run or cars that emit cleaner fuels. More and more newer models from companies like Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet are making cars that are more eco friendly.

These tips will help us all conserve planet earth as well as maintain and improve our environment and habitats! Do you know of any other helpful tips? Feel free to share them below. Thanks!