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These days, the world is changing at a fast pace. People tend to forget the simple things such as having fun and going out. This makes simple acts such as saying thank you even more valuable. This simple act can give new friends, appreciation, and more.  

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Learning to say it can do wonders to your relationship with others. They might feel valued by you. They migh also feel you are are worth being friends with, and more. This simple gesture can also help not only your personal life, but even your business.   

These are some of the ways you can express gratitude to other people:

  • Note

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A simple note can mean worlds to other people since it can make them feel they are valued. You can write them a note, give them a personalized printout, a note with gift checks, and more.

  • Other Language

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You can learn to say it in another language to show the person that he/she is worth the effort. Learning to say thanks in another language not only gives you new knowledge, you also get to impress and value the person you are thanking.

  • Visual Thank You

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You can give them cookies spelling thank you, a PowerPoint presentation thank you, and more. This will not only express your gratitude, you can also impress them by showing you can go further for their sake.

  • Give Them Something They Like

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You can give them something they like such as chocolates, perfumes, etc. Not only do you express gratitude, you also show to them that you pay attention to what they want and what they like.

  • Say It Personally

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You can say your gratitude face to face. This shows how grateful you are. You are also giving your time to the other person. This can also show that you value them and you can go out of your way to show your gratitude to them.


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The simple act of saying thank you can help you while also making other feel that they are appreciated. Learning different ways of saying/showing gratitude can lead to more meaningful relationships with other people that  you are involved with.


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