The winter months are a very cold and sometimes depressing time of the year. A lot of people will convince themselves that it is far easier to stay inside and do nothing until the warm spring air comes around again. Don't let this be you! There are many great ideas to stay active during the snowy and cold days of winter.

1. Exercise Between Commercial Breaks

Very few people enjoy when their favorite television show stops to go to commercial break. Instead of just sitting there waiting for the show to come back on, use this time productively. Come up with a plan that you will do every time there is a commercial break. As an idea, maybe the first commercial break can be as many pushups as you can do, the second can be as many situps as you can do, and the third can be as many lunges as you can do. Whatever the plan is make it work for you.

2. Play Video Games

Now this sounds exactly like what everyone tells you not to do to stay in shape. The only difference here is we are talking about activity video gaming. There are a bunch of different exercise video games that you can find for every game console. The best part about it is they are fun. You can find dancing video games, or games where you compete against an opponent to complete different moving activities. Find a game that you know you will enjoy and surely it wont be a hassle to flip the game system on to play it!

3. Go Snow Shoeing

I know this may sound extremely boring. It really isn't, though, and the cost to do it really isn't all that expensive. It is fun to get out into the wild and see what mother nature has to offer during the winter. Don't just look at snow shoeing as if it is only a walk and there isn't much benefit to it as an exercise! It is a very good cardio workout as it takes far more energy to trudge through the snow in a pair of snowshoes than you would imagine.

4. Join an Adult Indoor League

Most towns with an indoor high school or elementary gym will have indoor leagues. Some towns even have facilities dedicated to indoor winter sports. Look around and see if you can join a league. Whether your interest be basketball, soccer, baseball, flag football, or any other sport, see if your town or your surrounding towns can provide this activity for you. There are two benefits to participating on these teams. The first is that you get the once or twice a week workout from playing the games. The second is that you are motivated all week to not let your team down and you want to be in the best shape you can, so naturally you will be driven to work out and stay in shape all week long.

5. Park Far Away Every Time You Go To  A Store

This sounds rather basic and actually quite stupid considering how cold it can get during the winter. Don't let the cold air convince you that you need to park right up in front of the store. Leave yourself a decent walk and you would be surprised by how much walking you would do just to go grocery shopping. At most local grocery stores you can park at least an eighth of a mile away. After walking to and from the store, plus the walking done in the store you can be nearing half a mile of walking just by going to the grocery store. This is something that you can think about doing not only during the winter months but at all points during the year.

Don't let the cold air get you down and convince you that there is nothing you can do to stay healthy. Look for interesting and fun ways to remain active this winter. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you!