About Apple Trees

Apple Tree      Apples are a delicious fruit, but not all apple trees produce edible fruit that you can eat right off the branch. Some of them, like the ornamental crab apples need to first be cooked and sweetened otherwise they're not palatable.

       Not all apples taste the same either. Some are bitter and some are sweet or sour. Some of them fall in-between and yet others may faintly taste of different fruits like the Strawberry Parfait apple. There are in fact over 7500 varieties of apples of which only 2500 are grown in the United States. Of those 2500 grown in the United States, only 100 of them are used commercially.

Are Apple Trees Hard To Grow?

      The difficulty of growing one of these fruit bearing tree depends on where one lives. As well as how much one is willing to care for the delicious fruit bearing trees and what species of apple tree one wishes to grow. Some of the trees might do well growing on their own, but many don't without proper care while they're sprouts and saplings. It is however far better to take care of them than to just let them sit and wait to see how they do.

Why Should I Grow Apple Trees Anyway?

      You don't have to grow apple trees, but there are reasons why one might wish to grow them in their yards or gardens. Once the apple tree is bearing fruit you'll have something to snack on although depending on the tree, the fruit may not be edible first off the branch. However apples can be used in many different ways when it comes to food and beverage. Plus they are healthy for people, being of the fruit group. Still there is always going to be too much of a good thing, even with a fruit, particularly sweet ones.

     There are of course other trees which can be grown, dependant upon ones zone. Some trees bear fruit while others bear nuts like almonds which always taste great when added to fruit!

5 Delicious Ways To Use Apples Off Your Apple Trees

1. Cider

Apple Cider and JuiceCredit: Rmhermen on Wikimedia Commons      Who hasn't at least heard about apple cider, if not tried it during the fall? It's the time of year when apple cider is made and at its best, but it is available all year long from certain orchards.

     The best apple to use in order to make the delicous cider is by using one third sweet, one third bittersweet and one third sharp apples. In order to get one gallon of cider, it will take about thirty-six apples. Which means using 12 bittersweet, 12 sweet and 12 sharp flavored apples.

2. Applesauce

ApplesauceCredit: CookingCinderella on Flickr      Another great product one can make with the use of apples is delicious applesauce that doesn't even need to be chewed. It saves a lot of energy by not having to chew your food. However that doesn't mean it can't take up a lot of energy to make. Not when the best tasting applesauces are home made. It doesn't matter if the apple is peeled or not, one can still make applesauce with the apples.

      The most common spices used when making this delectable sauce is cinnamon and allspice. Typically, sweeteners are used such as sugar or honey. Some may choose to use a bit of lemon juice to flavor.

     Applesauce isn't just delicious, it's also also a great combatant remedy against diarrhea due to apples high level of pectin. More pectin can also be added during the cooking process of applesauce.

3. Crumble

Apple CrumbleCredit: mmoscosa at flickr      Apple Crumble is a delicious desert, which has its origins in British and Irish palates. Depending on what ingredients one uses to make this particular tyoe of crumble will determine whether the dish will be sweet or savory.

     When one is trying to create a sweet Apple Crumble the ingredients that would be needed are stewed apples and then topped with a crumbly mixture of butter (or some other fat), flour and sugar. Thus why it has crumble in its title.

     Those wishing to make a savory crumble may need to use apples which are less sweet, if they use apples at all. A savory crumble after all uses meat, vegetables and sauce for the filling. In place of the sugar that a sweet crumble version uses, one would instead use cheese.

     Whatever type of crumble one is baking, it would then go into the oven until the topping is crisp. 

4. Preserves

      Most people only know about grape, strawberry and raspberry jellies depending on which stores they shop in. There may be those who don't know that apples can be used to make a jam. The apple jam can use apples alone or be used in combination with other fruits or vegetables such as rhubarb. Like any fruit preserves be they jellies, jams or maramaldes are often canned and sealed for long-term storage. Depending on the ingredients used to make these preserves will determine whether or not they are jams, jellies or marmalades.

      While usually these preserves are used on toast or sandwiches with peanut-butter they can be used in or on other things including cereals, ice cream and other desserts. There are other varities of fruit preserves as well including savory which uses vegetables in the ingredients. Other fruit preserve varieties are known as fruit spread, fruit curd, fruit butter, conserves, confit and chutney. Whichever you prefer, apples work well in all of them and thus once created you have a delicious treat or topping.

     There are, of course, other fruits and vegetables one can and may use when it comes to making jellies and other preserves. Just think, grape, peach, strawberry, raspberry and many, many more.

5. Pie

ApfelkuchenCredit: Dan90266 on Flickr      One has not lived until they've enjoyed an apple pie, particularly a home made pie. They are delicious! Some call it the all American dessert. However apple pie was being made long before it came to the United States of America. It's only called that, perhaps because its a favorite and most often bought and eaten or made and eaten.

     This pie also tastes great when fresh with a bit of milk poured on it in a bowl, or with ice cream or whipped cream on top of it. The best apples to use when making one of these pies are typically Bramley or Granny Smith which are considered culinary (cooking) apples.

       For some people, just thinking about apples and everything they can do may get them craving the fruit itself or products made from the fruit. Some individuals may even salivate a bit at not only the thought, but the image of the fruit and any of the delicious treats it can be made into.

     This is not the only delectable pie that one can either buy or even better make from scratch. If you like blueberries, blackberries, peaches or rhubarb then there's a recipie for them. Although not every recipie will be to everyones liking, but just the scene of a fresh pie baking really does garner quite a bit of attention from residents and house guests.

     Really, after all, who could possibly resist a fresh baked pie?