The iPhone has some stiff competition in the form of the Galaxy S5. A bigger screen with a better display is only the most obvious advantage the S5 has over the iPhone. Samsung offers cool new features that'll leave iPhone users envious.

Fingerprint Scanner Security

The iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S5 both have fingerprint scanners. But the iPhone's fingerprint scanner is limited to unlocking the phone and purchasing things in the app store. With the Galaxy S5, you're able to use the fingerprint scanner in place of putting in passwords, saving users the headache of recalling which password goes with which account.

Samsung is currently working with outside companies to get the necessary technology in place. PayPal is the first company to use Samsung's fingerprint scanner, so Galaxy users can use their fingerprint in PayPal to authorize payments.

Kid-Friendly Usage

The Galaxy S5 offers an important Kids Mode feature that'll attract many parents. The iPhone has no way to restrict apps or lock content before handing the phone off to a child for a distracting game of Angry Birds. But the Galaxy S5 has Kids Mode, which is protected by a PIN number, allowing parents to approve a list of apps for their children's use without allowing access to any other part of the phone. Even better, parents can set time limits and review which apps their kids were playing with the most.

Better Battery Life

There's no way to change the battery of an iPhone, which means iPhone users who want an extra battery need to rely on external battery cases that are bulky or portable chargers that need electrical outlets to be of any help. The Galaxy S5 comes with the option of removing the battery, which means phone users can keep an extra battery with them.

But the Galaxy S5 also offers an ultra power saving mode, which extends the battery life significantly on a dying phone. It turns the screen black and white and limits app usage to the essentials. While you might not be able to spend all day on Facebook with a small amount of battery life, you'll be able to save the remaining battery for important calls and text messages without worrying about your phone dying. 

More Storage Options

The iPhone lacks a microSD card port. If you want extra storage on an iPhone, you have to pay for a device with more storage, which is more expensive than purchasing external storage. The Galaxy S5 has a microSD port and supports SD cards with up to 128GB capacities. MicroSD cards are a great idea for users because you can store a lot of photos, video, and music without eating up the phone's space or constantly having to clear out old data to make room for new.

Plus, for users worried about losing phone data in the event of theft or damage, the SD card doesn't always have to be attached to the phone, so you'll still have your stuff even if you lose your phone.


Smartphones aren't cheap; they need to be able to survive through a lot of human error and mistakes. Nobody means to drop their phone in the sink or the pool, but it happens all the time. However, the Galaxy S5 is waterproof. It can survive a dunk in the pool as well as a trip through the washing machine. This is great news for parents, too, because you can hand over your device in Kids Mode and not worry whether the beverage sitting next to your kid on the counter is going to spill and send you running to the store for a new device.

With all these advantages, the Galaxy S5 still has one more. If you go for a Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile networks, you can get a deal that's cheaper than an iPhone, and even get two of the devices for less than the cost of one iPhone!(with 2-year contract). Consider the money you'll save by switching to a waterproof phone with great battery options, cheaper storage options, and cool new features.