Stores like J. Jill and Vera Bradley Designs have built an empire around fashion staples and items that have just a splash of color. While it is true that you should build your wardrobe around staple and classic items in neutral colors like black, white, navy, camel and cream, there is certainly room and necessity for a little color in everyone's closet. Here are five ways to add some color to your wardrobe.

1. Shoes

The best and easiest way to add color to your wardrobe is to invest in colorful shoes. This peak of color emerging from beneath your trousers is a wonderful way to add a last minute punch to your look. Another added benefit is that when the color is on your foot, the eye is drawn down the body elongating your leg. Choose solids or patterns in colors that are bright and bold.

2. Scarves

Another way to add a dash of color is to add a thin silk scarf in place of a necklace. This adds not only color, but also texture to your outfit. You can add a pattern through a scarf. The trick to choosing an appropriate scarf is to pick a bright color that compliments your skin tone as well as the outfit you are wearing. Don't make the contrast too dramatic as the eye is drawn to your face.

3. Camisoles

Great under any sweater or blouse, adding a camisole provides a touch of color. Leave the top button of your blouse undone to show the contrasting color underneath. This layering concept also works well on v-neck tops with an empire waist. The camisole underneath makes a lower cut top more appropriate for the office and provides a second layer of color to your outfit.

4. Jewelry

Many women know to add color in the form of jewelry. A brightly colored necklace, cocktail ring or stacked bangle bracelets can go a long way in creating visual interest to an outfit. When choosing jewelry as a color option, remember to keep your metals similar or matching and not to over do it. Try to limit yourself to one large piece per outfit. One large cocktail ring is plenty; you don't need to add strings of necklaces and chandelier earrings to complete this look.

5. Handbags

You can also add color to your look by adding a brightly colored or patterned handbag. This can be a fun way to dress up everything from a little black dress to jeans with a solid colored turtleneck. You should remember that your bag does not have to match your shoes. Choose a bag that is appropriate for the event in size and fabric, and from there you really have very few rules to remember. Make sure the bag is clean and that the color doesn't clash with any other colors you may have elsewhere in your outfit.