Have you ever wished you had more time as a manager? Well, it isn't more free time that you require but more organisation. Delegating to your team is one thing but how do you monitor what you've asked them to do? Here we list 5 ways you can be better organised and be more in command of your business.

1) Use a What-Where-When - We utilize one of these to keep on top of routine daily tasks that need to be complete. A weekly What Where When should be in the form of a grid with week days along the top and the hourly times along the left-side of the sheet and in the intersections will be listed the routine tasks and jobs that require completing. They are really useful to keep your team aware of what's required of them as well as when.

2) Utilize a check sheet - Don't underrate the potential of a check-sheet. A check-sheet is made up of a list of tasks with check boxes. Simply work down the sheet ticking accomplished tasks as you go knowing you'll never miss anything important ever again!

3) Make use of a diary - They are great tools for listing to dos and upcoming events but are also fantastic for maintaining a copy of essential contacts and transferring info between relevant staff members. If you need to pass a message onto a group member that isn't working that day then just pop it in the diary knowing that he or she will check it first thing the next day.

4) Keep track of issues and projects - It's all too easy to allocate members of staff duties to complete but when you do not receive progress reports from the team it is a waste of time. You have to keep track of where the employees are at and what exactly they do in what time frame. You are able to do that by hand using your diary or you can make use of a more sophisticated type of software like a free downloadable Microsoft Access Program.

5) Organise your desktop - With all these files we're given by Head Office it can be fairly easy for our desktop to get filled with month old reports and miscellaneous documents. Take a minute to consider what kind of set-up you want then implement the required folder structure to keep all your documents in the correct place so as to make locating them simpler.

Organisation is an important part of management. By applying a few of our tips and hints you'll find yourself with more time to do yet more delegating!