Happy is a cigar called Hamlet. This was an advertisement that ran in the UK for many years. We all know that smoking is deadly, but the idea behind this is that, you can smoke and live for the moment. You will eventually die but at least you would have lived a happy life. A lot of people strive all their life for happiness. A lot of people have been able to achieve a happiness to a certain degree. However, the reality is that it is really difficult to be in a constant state of happiness. Even those who smoke drugs in search of a "high", eventually have to come down to earth and face the realities of the world we live in. As a woman, how can you be happy in your life?

Husband: Choose a good husband and train him well from the beginning. He might not be wealthy but you will be happy if you do your part in training him and getting him to help around the home. Be reasonable with what you expect of him. He will gladly oblige and you will be a happy wife. Don't worry you can teach an old dog new tricks, you just have to be disciplined.

Sex: Don't use sex as a weapon as it always back fires. You need love and sex, while you husband needs sex and respect. You don't have to be always tired. Nobody is always tired. You need to go through the motion even if you don't feel like it. He will be happy and you will have peace of mind that he is not getting it from someone else. That will contribute to your feeling of happiness and safety in your marriage. Sex isn't everything in a marriage but the lack of sex can rub you of your happiness

Children: You have children and you are showering them with attention and love. Don't get carried away with your role as a mother. You will be happier if you train your children right from infancy. Don't wait till they are teenagers before you teaching them to help out around the house. The more you train and help your children to keep their rooms tidy, do the dishes, help with cooking and other household task, the happier you will be. You will have enough time for yourself and you will feel less stress.

Center of the Family: You need to remember that you are not the center of the family. This might sound strange and contrary to popular belief. If you were to die today, what will happen to your family? Your husband will get another wife and father more children and your children will have a step-mother. Life goes on and that is the truth. With this fact in mind, do what you can do and don't kill yourself trying to be everything to everyone. It doesn't mean you are worthless because your husband or your children don't directly depend on you. You will be happy if you can be balanced in your outlook on things.

Single: You are a single woman and you think your life is meaningless because you have been unable to find the perfect husband. There are a lot of married women who would like to be single and enjoy the freedom you already have. The grass is definitely greener on the other side. You need to make the most of what your situation provides. Enjoy your freedom and keep busy. Don't spend your time wallowing in self pity. It will not find you a husband but rather, it will make you depress. If you want to be happy as a single woman, try to be positive and stay away from negative friends. Also stay away from some married people who only enjoy asking when you will be getting married. Your happiness as a single woman depends on you and not on what you might have in the future. Every situation in life brings with it challenges and joys. You can be the master of your own future and happiness.