5 Ways to Find Blog Post Ideas
Credit: Flickr

If you've spent any time blogging or writing online content you've undoubtedly, at some point, hit a wall. It always seems that way, doesn't it? You are flying at break-neck speeds, barely able to keep up with your fingers on the keyboard as all of the genius flies from your mind into the word processor to craft the most insightful, inspiring blog posts ever and then…

Nothing. Crickets. You look up and realize you don't have anything else to say. You draw your fingers off the keyboard, slink back into your chair, defeated; the nagging voice within your mind that you silenced so well during the creative process now rises up to trumpet all of your shortcomings. You've got nothing.
Don't worry, any time you feel the creative train has come to a halt, try exploring the following options to see if they get the wheels turning again.

Where to find ideas

1. Look at your bank statements. 
It's pretty safe to assume your money is going towards your interests 95% of the time... (Besides, this is just a good practice to help you keep an eye on your budget, too :)

2. Peruse your bookshelf. 
What kind of books do you like to read? What themes do they have in common? Are you drawn to certain characters, plots, settings?

3. What apps have you bought? 
Everyone has some kind of smart device nowadays, don't they? Check through your applications and see if there are any common threads. What problems do the majority of your apps solve for you?
4. Check your browser history. 
What things have you searched for lately? Are there any burning questions you've been dying to have answered? If so, be the one to answer them then share that information with the world. Rest assured, if you are looking for an answer, you're not the only one.
5. In-line with exploring your apps, what other interests do you have? 
What video games, music, or movies always grab your attention? Why? Is there a common motif or subject matter you find yourself drawn to? What about Netflix… What's in your queue?
There are no doubt a million other places to look for lurking blog topics, but this list will hopefully be a good jumping off point for you. Let me know if you have more suggestions by leaving a comment below. Good luck and happy blogging!