If you are getting visitors on your e-commerce website, but you are not getting sales, what can be done about it? You have a great e-commerce website, and you have some great products, so why aren’t they selling?

Let’s get started with five easy ways to increase your conversion rate and get more sales from your website:

Keep It Simple

This is the top most important rule in all e-commerce websites and can’t be stressed enough. Confusing and complicated checkout processes with different options or lack of precise navigation can annoy customers. When getting your site developed to make sure the checkout process is simple and clear, or try the checkout procedure yourself.

Clear Pricing and Costs

The second turn off point for the customers is when a checkout starts to add on costs. Of course, delivery options are typically added during the checkout process. Keep these prices as low as possible. Don’t try to cheat the customer by hiding the delivery costs, the later on in the process of the customer gets the knowledge of delivery charges is most probably going to drop out. The best way to handle delivery costs is to add them to the value of the product and then offer spaciously “free delivery.”

Don't Oversell

Some e-commerce websites lose business when they try too hard to oversell or cross-sell. In a lot of ways, this comes down to point 1 keep the whole process simple. But for some visitors, aggressive over0-selling is a point off. Sometimes you can drop a visitor merely because they move away from the checkout to another page finding something else that you are offering and then entirely lose interest and doesn’t buy anything at all. Always keep in mind you want your customer to buy the product they selected and complete the checkout process with less distraction.

Be Careful With Offers

I know I told you that making use of discount codes is an excellent way of keeping visitors coming to your website! And, I stand by this! But it is also essential to present the opportunity of using a discount code discretely and carefully. If a customer has a coupon code chances are they will be looking where making use of it, so you don’t need to overdo the discount code options in every user’s face. The problem is that if a customer doesn’t have a discount code, they will feel they are getting a poor deal. They will go to Google in search of a coupon code, and once they are off your site – consider them gone.

Offer a Guest Checkout

We all have a lot of accounts these days to handle. Don’t push your customer to register on your website and set up an account to buy something. Of course, you need to offer a feature for those who want it – but every site needs to have the option of guest checkout route – or you are just throwing away business.