Learn tips and tricks to eliminate your double chin.

What are 5 ways to get rid of a double chin? Unfortunately, gravity causes your neck to sag.  No other body part is more sensitive to gravity’s pull than the skin surrounding the neck.  Three primary factors contribute to a double chin: time, anatomy and fat.  Over time, the aging process takes its toll on your neck skin.  If you do not possess a strong jaw line, this may contribute to a double chin.  When the fat increases underneath your skin, the skin expands and causes sagging.  This produces a double-chin look.

From a health perspective, a double chin does not really matter.  However, most women find this physical characteristic unattractive.  This undesirable trait may cause individuals a great deal of emotional distress.  Insecurity and self-consciousness may ensue as a result.   To help get rid of your extra chin or at least minimize the appearance, try these five tips.

  1. Lose Weight.  Easier said than done, right?  While you might have been hoping for an easier solution, losing 10 to 15 pounds is the single best way to get rid of a double chin.  Inches can be lost around the neck with small amounts of weight loss.  Engage in regular aerobic exercise and eat a diet low in fat.  Do not rely on spot reduction exercises, as these do not remove the fat and may cause dislocation of your jaw.                                                         
  2. Get a Haircut.  Long hair can draw attention to your neck, which exactly what you would like to avoid.  A haircut dropping and curling under a couple of inches below the chin draws the most attention to the chin.  A haircut above the jaw line draws the eye up toward your eyes.
  3. Wear an Open Neckline. Open and broad necklines are more flattering on women with double chins.  Turtlenecks, dangling earrings and choker necklaces can draw attention to the chin and neck area.  Wear long necklaces, studded earrings and open necklines.
  4. Use Makeup to Camouflage Your Flaw.  Play up your eyes and cheekbones to draw attention away from the lower half of your face.  Use blush higher on your cheekbones or feature your eyes with a bright eye shadow. If you use foundation, apply one shade darker underneath your chin and blend it in with your brighter foundation.   This brightens the rest of your face and camouflages your chin by making it not standout.
  5. Consider Surgery.  If you have exhausted all other methods and possess approximately $5,000, surgery may be an option.  Plastic surgery focuses on sculpting the neck by removing excess fat, tightening the skin and enhancing the jaw line.  A small horizontal cut is made under the chin by the surgeon.  Fat is sucked out from underneath the skin.  A vertical incision between the layers of the neck and jaw muscle is made and the edges are sewed together to tighten the muscle layer like a corset. The surgery is relatively painless, requiring two Band-Aids to hide the incision.  Bruising is usually minimal, and you should be back to all usual activity within 10 days. 

Hopefully, these 5 ways to get rid of a double chin has provided you with some solutions to your problem.