When it comes to hauling your bike, you no longer have to rely on bungee cords that are strapped to your bumper and have your trunk hanging open. There are a variety of choices to choose from by shopping at sites like JC Whitney and AutoAnything. Bike racks come in a variety of styles and designs that are suited for any style vehicle and can be used as permanent carriers or temporary ones that can easily be removed when not in use.

No matter what you drive, there is a style of a bike mount that will work for you. Below is a list of some of the more popular ones that are offered and each has its own unique style and design. Take a look below at the popular bike mounts and decide which one fits your needs the best.

1. Hitch Mount Bike Racks

Hitch mount bike racks are installed to your trailer hitch receiver and are the easiest mounts for unloading and loading your bikes onto your vehicle. You don't have to lift your bike above the car to place it on a roof rack; you simple set it in place, lock it and hit the road. These are the most popular choices as they are more stable than a trunk mount and they come in a variety of sizes and styles to allow you to haul one to five bikes. You can purchase these with a swing feature that will allow you to access your SUV's back door without ever having to remove the bikes.

2. Roof Mount Bike Racks

If you want to maximize space and not have to worry about the back door on your SUV being blocked or your trunk becoming inaccessible, use a roof mount bike rack. You will have to hoist the bike over head to get it in place on top of the vehicle, so keep this in mind when you purchase this style.

3. Spare Tire Bike Mounts

That space where you spare tire sits is unused space and is perfect for adding a mount. This helps to free up other space on the vehicle that is needed for hauling gear and accessories.

4. Trunk Mount Bike Racks

This is a great choice if you do not want the device to be in place indefinitely. They are easy to install and can be removed without much effort. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, this would not make a good choice since it does block you from entering the back of the vehicle easily.

5. Truck Bed Bike Mounts

If you are lucky enough to own a truck, then this mount is the perfect solution. The rack in held in place in the bed of the pickup truck and the bikes are then placed in between the forks and secured down for a smooth and easy ride. You never have to worry about your bike or bikes being bounced around during the drive and they are easily loaded and unloaded.