If you cook for someone who has an aversion to vegetables in all shapes and sizes, it can be very difficult to come up with a balanced meal plan that they will eat. Hiding vegetables in foods that they already like and will eat might be a great way to up the daily vegetable count. Here are 6 ways to hide vegetables in food that you make.

Hide Vegetables in Lasagna

Lasagna can be added to by adding layers of vegetables between the typical sauce, cheese, and pasta. You can add thinly sliced eggplant next to the layers of pasta to help hide them from sight. Another vegetable that can be hidden in lasagna is cooked spinach. Add a thin layer or mix it in with the sauce so that it is not visible.

Hide Vegetables in Mashed Potatoes

Okay, so potatoes are a vegetable, and they are good for you, too! But what if you want to get a better variety of vitamins and nutrients in there? Try adding cooked cauliflower to the potatoes after you drain them, but before you mash them. The cauliflower is practically the same color and will blend right in. Try adding a little bit of cauliflower the first time you do this, and add a bit more each time you make this dish. Another white vegetable that can be added into mashed potatoes are cooked turnips. Turnips need to be boiled for about 30-45 minutes before they are done cooking, so plan ahead if you plan on making them.

Use Vegetable Broth for Cooking

When a recipe calls for water, beef or chicken broth, substitute vegetable broth instead. It will not change the flavor of the main dish dramatically, but it will help to add nutrients that can only be found in vegetables. You can even cook foods like rice, cous cous, or even Stove Top Stuffing in broth instead of using water. All flavor with no vegetables in sight! If canned broth or bullion granules turn you off, you can even make your own vegetable stock for pennies on the dollar.

Hide Vegetables in Pasta Sauce

Even if your kids can't stand lumps in their pasta sauce, you can still manage to hide some extra vegetable goodness in there without them knowing about it. All you need to hide some yummy vegetables in pasta sauce is a food processor or - in a pinch - a blender. Take some well cooked vegetables like squash, peppers, onions, or whatever you can think of and puree them in the food processor. Mix it in with your favorite canned pasta sauce - or make your own - and you will be feeding fortified pasta sauce to the masses in no time. You can use this pasta sauce on spaghetti or consider topping a homemade pizza with it on pizza night.

Hide Vegetables in Baked Goods

I bet you have heard of zucchini bread, but you probably did not consider the amount of nutrients from the zucchini that are really in that bread. Zucchini bread is sweet and moist and a quick bread to make. There are lots of alternatives to Zucchini bread, too. Consider trying zucchini brownies or cakes as well for a sweet treat that will also provide a serving of vegetables to picky eaters.