We have an indoor cat, and as much as I adore her, and can’t imagine life without her, the litter box is an issue.  When she gets into it, she turns around a few times and digs to the bottom and sends the litter flying every which way, which was not as big a deal in the basement but things, have changed.

We recently downsized our home, and there simply was not the easy to hide places for the litter tray that there were in our other home.  We are in an apartment actually, and no matter how creative you get, there it is for everyone to see.  No basement to hide it in and no closet space to dedicate to her.MuffinCredit: mine

My cat is a larger cat, and I tried the standard sized boxes with the lids, but she wouldn’t use them as there simply was not the room for her to do her turning around in.  So, I decided to do some research to see if there was any other way to hide a litter box, without scaring the cat or breaking the bank. 

I decided that in this small space it needed to be something that fit in, and could be functional with more than one use, or at the very least, not look like a cat’s mess.  It also had to be something she could do her turning around in, and feel comfortable.

Most cats like to have privacy while doing their business, but they also like to look out and be watchful, so I felt the entrance/exit had to be big enough that she would not feel trapped and yet could feel comfy with some privacy.   I found these 5 below in my research, and I especially like the one for the bathroom, as it could double as a place to put other things and would contain her mess at the same time.  The tent option is cute too if you simply want to cover the existing tray you have right now.

Ways to hide a litter boxCredit: amazon.com
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Plant Pot

I got a kick out of this one.  This is what you would call, “hiding it in plain view” Might as well have a nice plant to look at if you have to have a litter box.  This would work in any room but most cats are not a fan of heavy foot traffic around their toilets, so you could keep this in a quieter room?  My cat is not a fan of it being totally in the public eye like this one would be, but maybe your cat doesn’t mind!  It could work in the corner of an entrance or hallway too.

ways to hide a litter boxCredit: amazon.com
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Dome Box

These are really cool, but it all depends if this would fit into your décor.  If you goal is to simply contain the litter so it is not spread out all over, then this would work as they have to step up and inside and around a corner.  Some older cats are not a fan of not being able to look out while they are doing their business, like my cat, but a younger cat would love the hide and seek aspect of this setup. 

Ways to hide a litter boxCredit: amazon.com
Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in Black
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Designer Bench

This actually doubles as a piece of furniture.  You could use this at your entrance as a seat for putting shoes on.  The litter box hides inside of this wooden furniture piece and the hole is large enough that bigger cats can get in and still look out.  Everything is contained and you wouldn’t even know it was for the cat.  The lid opens so that you can access and clean.  You can keep your scoop and litter accessories inside all in one spot.  This is perfect for the small space that has to have the tray out in the open in the living area. 

ways to hide a litter boxCredit: amazon.com

Cat Washroom and Night Stand

I thought this would be perfect in the bathroom.  Many people hide the litter box in the bathroom anyways, and at least this way you can have a few uses for it.  It is functional and good looking.  As you can see in the picture there is plenty of room for a larger cat to jump in and still look out and do their turning around inside to bury their business.  It would contain the litter, the mess and the smells yet hold your magazines, and towels and other things.

It could be used as a night stand in the bedroom too, but I thought it would be perfect in the bathroom between the toilet and the sink.  

ways to hide a litter boxCredit: amazon.com
Pet Store Privacy Please Cat Litter Box Tent w/ Mesh Ramp
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If you want something quick and easy and affordable to simply contain the mess, then check this out.  I thought this was a cute idea, to simply plop a tent over the existing box you have now.

It is still cute looking, so could be placed anywhere and the doorway is quite large.  Like camping in the house, but one of the best bits is the ramp to the inside is supported by a plastic piece and will help to get the litter off the cat’s feet when leaving.

You could also use this as a cat bed.  Cat’s love to hide, and you could put a pillow inside for them to feel secure. 

I was quite surprised by the different way to hide a litter box, especially in a small space where every square inch is spoken for.  The cat bathroom can get messy and smelly pretty quickly, even when you clean often and to me I always hated going into my bathroom and kicking loose litter around on my feet, so containing it was very important to me, and there are more options than simply putting a lid on it.

So, check them out and see if any of these would be a good option for your cat.  I like the bathroom and tent idea, both will work in my small space.  So, see if you can dedicate an area to your kitty and save on all that sweeping and clean up.  It does make living with a cat easier.