5 Ways to Improve your Client Engagement

To survive today in business you are always meeting a market need and constantly servicing your clients. Modern technology is a two-edged sword; on the one hand it can result in faster market penetration than ever before but the flip side is that your market is in risk if you are not always attuned to your customers as they can use social media to hurt your business.

Following are five ways to improve client engagement to make sure that your clients stay your clients and are working as your ambassadors and not critics:

  1. Mobile Surveys – commission a mobile survey. You no longer need to call every customer to their home, there have ben recent innovations in survey technology. With the use of a mobile survey app it has never been easier or cheaper to gather valuable data as well as engage with your clients.
  2. Online Presence – Most companies out there today have a website but do they also have a blog? Blogs are more dynamic and get updated more often than websites, they keep clients returning on a more frequent basis to check out what has changed and developed since their last visit. It can also give the customers a chance to see the faces behind the product.
  3. Social Media – a blog is a form of social media but it is not enough as it is not proactive, meaning that the clients must come to you to see what has evolved. Using more dynamic forms of social media such as Twitter and Instagram , you have instant and constant contact with your clients when you want not when they want. This “push” media is more proactive and effective in maintaining client contact.
  4. Become Community Conscious – it is debatable whether it is better to give than to receive, however when you give to an online community you not only give but receive. Join communities of interest and use them as a launching pad to keep up customer relations and develop new ones. When people see that you are an expert it adds credibility to what you are doing and makes you omnipresent in their eyes which is always a good thing.
  5. Watch Your Competitors – everybody else is doing it so why not you? With everyone being online, never has it been easier to track what your competitors are doing. Rest assured, if you are any good at what you do, your competitors are tracking you. See what they are doing different to you and, if it is helpful, copy and improve it to keep your clients engaged.