Following are five tried and tested ways to improve your conversion rate:

  1. Attractive – First impressions are very important. Once your website is attractive, easy to use, and enticing the surfers who arrive they will want to stay. The surfers can then explore and learn about you and your company, and ultimately, convert.
  2. Intelligent Use of Social Media – social media is where it’s all going on these days. More and more people are hanging out in online communities and accessing websites via their mobile devices. This means that you should have a website designed especially for mobile devices and you must also have a social media presence to both drive people to your site as well as keeping your clients engaged. Keep you clients involved and they will develop an emotional connection.
  3. Intelligent Use of Customer Reviews – the Internet has come a long way, however it can still not totally replace the human element. The trust element is tough to earn but, one thing is for certain, people still instinctively trust people over machines or cyberspace. Customer reviews are an excellent way of bringing a human touch to your website. Strategically placed on your home page as well as in their own dedicated section, they are one of the most convincing ways to get the punters over the line.
  4. Content is Vital – You must illustrate to people who arrive at your site that you know what you are talking about and are an expert in your field. By offering unique content and regularly updating it, you are keeping you and your site current as well as differentiating yourself from the pack.
  5. Action Time – your call to action is “crunch time.” This is the button you want them to click so that they convert. Once the call to action is strategically placed, its text concise and to the point, its size optimally sized, and stand out from the rest of your text, it will be impossible to ignore!