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The Myth of Funemployment

Lets face it, being unemployed is no fun. While the first few days at home can be great, unemployment is a stressful and demoralizing experience.

Despite this, being unemployed does present some opportunities. All that spare time means a lot of things that get put off because we work too much can finally get done. If you have nothing but empty days for the foreseeable future, there is no time like the present. Start that big project that you could never muster up the courage to before!

The following are five ways you can make the most of your unemployed time.

1. Get Back Into Hobbies

We've all got hobbies, but when we're working, we often don't spend as much time doing them as we'd like. When you suddenly lose your job however, you've got all the time you need to get back into your true calling.

Everyone has a hobby they neglect. Dust off the old guitar and playing a few riffs. Grab your camera and head out on the town to take photos. Jot down a few lines of verse or the beginnings of a story.

If you're unemployed, now is the time to devote a little bit of each day to your favourite hobby. Hobbies are a great way to stay productive and entertained. When you find a job again, you'll be that much better at your hobby, and more likely to keep it up even when your days are filled with work.

2. Clean House

Is your storage closet in dire need of a cleaning? Is there something growing at the bottom of your oven? Have you been meaning to fix up the yard but haven't found the time?

If you're jobless, its the perfect time to get those much needed chores completed. Most households have some tedious task, like cleaning the garage, scrubbing behind the appliances, or fixing up the yard that are normally done seasonally. Getting it done when you're between jobs means when the time you would regularly do it rolls around, its already taken care of!

A huge chore can also feel kind of like a full day of work, and leave you with the pride of accomplishing something important. In that case, you don't have to feel guilty binge watching your favourite T.V. show for the rest of the day.

3. Do Things For Others

Its easy to focus only on ourselves during the everyday grind of the work week, and most of us have loved ones whom we don't see often enough. If you're unemployed, it presents a great opportunity to connect with the ones you care about, and more importantly, do something nice for them. 

Whether its making sure that dinner is made for your wife when she gets home, taking the extra time to have fun with your kids, or visiting your parents and helping them around the house, doing something for someone you love helps them feel good, reinforces your positive bond, and gets you out of the house and doing something positive and productive. 

4. Get Active

It can be hard to find time to exercise during a busy work week. Thankfully, when you're unemployed, you don't have one! You've got all the time you need to exercise, and its a great way to fill up those empty days.

Now probably isn't the best time to get that expensive gym membership, but hiking, running and biking are free (assuming you own a bike). Better yet, call up a friend and hit a field to play some soccer or football.

5. Start Your Own Business

A lot of people have creative business ideas kicking around in the back of their heads, but don't have an opportunity to really put them into action. Starting your own business is a full-time job, often more, which means if you're out of work, you're the perfect candidate.

Starting your own business is risky, and there is no guarantee in five years that it will be afloat. If you're between jobs though, there really isn't a better time to start one. Take the time to draft that business plan, do market research, network with other professionals and get your product developed and out into the world! Because really, who wants to go back to having a boss when you can be your own?


Unemployment is never easy, but you don't have to be doomed to hours of boredom and stress. Between searching for new jobs, enjoy the free time you have and the opportunities it presents, because you never know when you'll have a chance like this again.