Cars can decrease in value quickly, as even small blemishes can have a huge effect on their resale price. Most new car buyers/owners don't think too far ahead when they're getting their new vehicle, but it's important to keep your car's resale value in mind if you hope to eventually sell it. Maintaining your vehicle's value is not all that difficult and only requires that you be mindful and that you take the time to check the status of your vehicle regularly. Here are five good ways to ensure you get the best price for your car when it comes time to sell.

1. Get a Neutral Color
Neutral colors such as black, white or silver are the best ones to get, as they are easiest to sell. Bright colors like purple, yellow and orange make for tough sales, and cars that have them will decrease in value quicker.

2. Regular Maintenance
It's important that you keep your car regularly maintained. Take it to a smog test station in San Diego every few months, even if it doesn't have any noticeable problems, and make sure to keep the records of the checkup somewhere where you'll find them later. If a potential buyer can see proof that you've been regularly maintaining your car, they will place more value on it.

3. Don't Smoke, Eat, or Drink in Your Car
Leftover food smells as well as cigarettes smoke are very hard to get rid of, and they will decrease the resale value of a car tremendously. Same goes for food and drink stains. Avoid smoking or eating inside your car and remember to clean the interior regularly.

4. Protect Against Rust
Especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of humidity, rain, or snow, you should try to park your car in your garage or some indoor space, as exposure to the elements can cause a car to rust more quickly. Also, replace any parts of the car that start to rust as soon as you can, especially important components like the brake line.

5. Don't Ignore Small Blemishes
Small dents and scratches make a huge difference in terms of a car's resale value. Avoid them when you can and get them fixed ASAP if they do occur. Making sure that your car is free of these small imperfections is what is going to make it look new and well maintained.