In the past years, and precisely until the beginning of millennium, no infomation was readily available on the healthy risks concerning animal-based diet. A radical abandonment of the traditional-eating lifestyle, a total change, sets the trend for a many people to follow. In following this new trend of eating lifestyle, the only information we have had from teachers was phrased in four words, “Eat a Balanced Diet”, one comprising of a variety of healthy foods. In our best understanding of the quadruple-word phrase, a diet without meat was not a perfect “Balanced” diet.

In ecological food chain, man is omnivores, namely: vegetarian and meatarian. These two eating lifestyles are different and contrasting with pros and cons as regards human optimum health.

On my research on vegetarian-eating and meatarian-eating animals. I stunningly discovered what a I had never known in my entire past life. A past life confined in a cocoon of sincere ignorance. What then that be?

Vegetarian-eating organisms, the herbivores, ruminants able to digest cellulose have a longer life-span [longevity] in comparison to their counterparts, predators meatarian-eating organisms, the carnivores. Believe it or not, vegetarian organisms live for more years that the meatarian organisms. The metabolism in animals is not essentially different in human beings. The metabolism operates equally the same, for this reason therefore, meat consumption [meat-based diet] is a negative pointer of going to the grave too early [premature death] .

1.     The Incontrovertible Truth about Meat Consumption.

Know the truth and the truth shall enable you to live a healthier and longer life.

The infallible nutritionists with an infallible remedy have told us the plain truth that averts chronic diseases and premature death. Many activists and educators for optimum health continue to echo the same universal truth. This then is the incontrovertible truth.

“Eating meat kills more people than previously thought. There is no more denying it. Meat contains highly toxic substances that are responsible for many diseases and deaths. Heavy meat consumption increases your risk of dying from all causes……… ” [NaturalNews]

Meat consumption has an appetizing delicacy. We all love meat diet yet giving a blind eye to the risks on the other side of the coin. The risks now are articulated with no ambiguity.

The appetizing delicacy is all inclusive of the following: eggs, milk, red meat, processed meat products comprise: sausages, sandwiches hot dogs, meat pies and hamburgers. Dairy products are: butter, cheese, cream and ghee. All these foodstuffs contain large amounts of high protein and saturated fats whose adverse effect is accumulating high cholesterol in the blood. The high cholesterol in the blood is detrimental, harmful and injurious to optimum health.

In internalizing this truth about meat consumption, one needs therefore to know explicitly the possible contemplated risks that are detrimental to human health and life. In categorical terms these are chronic diseases and the eventual premature death.

2.     Traditional- Vegetarian Diet Boosts longer life-span.

Traditional farming in mine community has always been the production of different cereals legumes and animal rearing. The grain legumes rich in low protein are many types of beans and peas. The cereals rich in low starch are sorghum, millet and finger millet. A variety of other plant foodstuffs comprise bananas that are used both as fruits and vegetables. Other vegetable include pumpkins, edible tubers and roots such as yams, sweet potatoes and arrowroots. All of these plant- based foods have macronutrients and micronutrients that are essential for energy, growth, reproduction and sustaining optimum health without daily consumption of meat.

The grain legumes are used to make the main dish of the diet. One type of legume is cooked whole until soft. Green leafy vegetables collected from legume plants, pumpkin plant or wild edible green leaves are washed, sliced and added to the boiling pot. Green bananas and a pumpkin are peeled, cut into pieces and put into the pot and left to boil until soft. It is important to note that the dish is never fried with fat, it is best palatable in that natural state. The cooked stuff is mashed with a stick to form a mass of appetizing delicacy.

The appetizing cooked delicacy is supplemented with other whole-plant-based food bites taken either between meals or after a meal. These include porridge or gruel prepared from the mixture of sorghum, millet and finger millet, ripe bananas, milk, boiled or roasted edible tubers and roots in the form of yams, arrow-roots and sweet potatoes.

The people are meatarians, meat-eaters but the consumption of red meat has always been strictly subjected to time limitation. Meat consumption has never been an indispensable part of the daily diet. Red meat has always been a rare [seldom] commodity in the diet. The limitation of meat consumption has always had the optimum advantage of not accumulating high cholesterol in the blood.

My parents though with natural infirmity are healthy at their blissful advanced old age. Dad is 106 and mom is 92 years. Dad is a living testimony that in his centenary experience, there were no chronic disease; and people died at an advanced old age. The absence of chronic diseases and early demise is attributed to the strict adherence or conservatism to the traditional-whole-diet and the limitation of meat consumption.

3.     High Cholesterol the Cause-Factor of Chronic Diseases.

 A change is either for better or worse. The modern generation has shifted from traditional- Vegetarian-whole diet and adapted a new eating lifestyle. Doctors have said a many times that the many diseases being treated in hospitals are attributed to the new eating lifestyle. People are being advised to go back to the traditional-vegetarian diet. Why make the appeal?

The “we” of the now are eating a diet with high carbohydrates, refined grain like rice, maize and wheat flour, lacking fibre or roughage and deep fried chips. The diet has also limited or reduced protein sources, fruits and vegetables. High–quality carbohydrates [starch and sugars] are stored in the body as fat. Meat consumption is on the increase with the working class. The high protein, carbohydrates and saturated fats in meat are the primary contributors of high cholesterol in the blood.

“Protein and saturated fats play a significant role in overall cholesterol profile,” [Professor Ronald Krauss]. The two have the effect of raising cholesterol in the blood. Fatty substances build up inside the walls of arteries [arterial plague] rendering them clogged. Clogged  arteries reduce the flow of blood or block the flow entirely. The increasing builds up of arterial plague creates a condition called arteriosclerosis that causes the arteries to narrow and harden. The flow of blood to all part of the body is impended permitting little or no blood to reach every parts of the body. As a result, normal body functions are impaired: and the persons affected are exposed and susceptible to a number of chronic diseases, and these are: obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure; strokes, heart [cardiovascular] diseases and cancers. These diseases are the cause of premature deaths.

4.     Limit or Eliminate Meat Consumption.

The truth by nature is self- evident; and the highest ignorance is to reject the truth when you know it. The vegetarian animals, for example elephant and turtle have a life-span of 80 and150 years respectively. The meatarian tiger has a life-span of 20 years. Imagine a tiger and human child born on same day. The tiger dies when the human child is starting adolescence. The lesson here needs no elaboration; it is self-evident that meat consumption contributes to a short life-span.

History has it in record, that my ancestors observed a strict limitation in meat consumption. These men and women saw the sun for more years than the elephant; and many reaching a centenary.

Ignorance and social influence drove me to change from traditional- vegetarian diet to the myth, illusive. Opinion and belief of a healthier meatarian diet. It become self-evident hypothesis that high-quality animal protein in healthier and valuable diet for sustaining not only optimum health but also longer life. As per now however, the myth of eating high-quality animal protein is no longer etched in my subconscious mind. The reason is as clear as a crystal, that the more meat consumption, the greater the risk of arteriosclerosis, a condition that is caused by high cholesterol in the blood.

In a retractable decision, my wife and I have resolved to stick strictly to the conservatism of traditional-vegetarian diet. The resolution is equally compatible with limitation but not entire elimination of red meat consumption. What we entirely eliminate is the consumption of processed meat and dairy products; and limit red meat consumption on to 1 kg a week.


5. Tradition-Vegetarian Diet Guarantees Healthier and Longer Life.

Plants were the first living organism to be on the earth planet. Long before man came to be. Nature is omniscient, plants, are the self-existent organisms that make their food through the mysterious process of photosynthesis. Man depends wholly on the foods that the green leaves build up, namely: proteins, carbohydrates. [Starches and sugars], fats and oils [omega3], minerals and vitamins. Plant-based foods offer the best natural nutrients, free of toxic substances to the dependents [the vegetarians] in sustaining a healthier and longer life.

There are three things that you need to know about plant-based foods, and that will make you smile all days of your life. Firstly plants have no cholesterol, the great enemy of the arteries. Secondly, they are appropriate in protecting the build up of cholesterol from external sources in the inner walls of the arteries, thus making strict vegetarians free from arteriosclerosis. Thirdly, traditional vegetarians suffer no chronic diseases that cause premature death.

In Mesopotamia and Biblical mythology, “The Tree of Life” symbolizes immorality. The meaning of human life “here and now” is not to dwell on the futurity of immorality but to live a vigorous and invigorating healthy life just like the sacred Mugumo Tree-Ficus zycomola, that is popularly and legendary known for its longerity. Every tree or plant on the earth planet is “The Tree of Life”, giving variety of foods that sustain a healthier and longer life.

For healthier and longer life, be strictly a traditional-vegetarian. Eat plant-based food. “Good earth is committed to providing fresh wholesome foods and nutritional supplements that will help each individual gain optimum health of body and mind”. [Good Earth Natural Foods] The natural foods include cereals, beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables. In themselves, they make a “perfect balanced diet” with proteins, carbohydrates [starches and sugars], fats and oils [omega 3] vitamins and minerals.

I conclude this article with the words that make the title of a book, “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die”, [Amagon.com.]. Plant-based diet is made to stick in the mind of those who want optimum health. The idea of vegetarianism survives in boosting a healthier and longer life, while the idea of meatarianism dies in limiting red meat and entirely eliminating all processed meat and dairy products in the diet. I wish you a healthy and longer life.