If your kids like to sit at home and watch TV and play video games then it may be hard to get them to want to go camping. Here are 5 tips on insuring your children have a fun time camping and want to go again.

Games- Play games with your kids. There are many great camping games you can play. Target sells a Horse Shoe Frisbee game. It is a lot of fun and everybody regardless of their age enjoys this game.

Regardless of what games you play kids will usually have fun. During the day you can play physical games such as Horse Shoe Frisbees and then during the evening time you can play some card games.

Marshmallows and Hot Dogs- You may never eat hot dogs and marshmallows at home but when you go camping kids love roasting hot dogs over the fire pit and then roasting or burning some marshmallows to make some S'mores. Give them a long stick and let them cook their own. They will enjoy eating their burnt hot dog much more than any gourmet hot dog you may cook up for them.

Ghost Stories- around the campfire at night you need to share ghost stories, UFO stories, and Big Foot stories. Make sure you also share some funny stories and then let your kids get involved and tell their funny stories.

When you see a satellite going by in the sky point it out and ask them if it is a satellite or UFO.

Hurt yourself and or Fall down. Kids love to watch their father smack their thumb when they hammer in the tent pegs. If you trip over a hole and fall into an ant pile it is even funnier. Make sure you do some entertaining by falling down for your kids so they can laugh at you. Fortunately, for some of us we do not have to act and being clumsy comes naturally to us.

Relax- If you are normally an uptight parent then relax. Let you kids have more freedom then you allow them to have at home. Camping should be a fun activity and if kids can experience a sense of freedom when camping then you have accomplished your mission.

If your kids have sticky marshmallows all over their face and then want to go roll in the dirt then let them. You're camping and if your kids like to roll in the dirt then let them. Just make sure you show them how to identify Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Stinging Nettle so they don't roll in the wrong area.