Unlimited gold

Gold in Skyrim

What do we need gold for?

Don't worry about your gold troubles anymore, guys. I got your back. Gold is one of the most important resources you could have in Skyrim and all of Tamriel. It buys everything you could need ranging from armor, weapons, potions, and materials.

Let me just tell you this now, if you know how to play Skyrim to its fullest potential, you'll be buying things like ore and soul gems whenever you get the chance.

Crafted gear will always be better than anything preset in the game.

You may find some Ancient Shrouded Armor from a Dark Brotherhood Assassin corpse with amazing stealth enchantments.


Leveling the Enchanting skill will make you able to make even better enchants. The last perk of the enchanting tree is the ability to put two enchantments on one item. Invaluable.

How would you level up enchanting then? You need soul gems. A lot of them. And the quickest way to get them is to BUY them from vendors. Make sure they're filled soul gems though.

Smithing can get you your dragonscale or dragonplate armor. And don't forget the dragonbone weapons. If you can get your hands on this gear and enchant them yourself, you will be more powerful and a lot stronger than any other bandit or what have you in Skyrim.

Note: Dragonscale is the best light armor in the game. Daedric is the best heavy armor in the game. And lastly, Dragonbone weapons are the strongest weapons.

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How to make it rich?

I'm going to tell you 5 simple ways to quickly rack up the gold.

1. Chop wood.

This is not the best way to get on the road to swimming in coins. But it can definitely help you when you just need a few extra septims to pay for that dashing Dwarven Greatsword. Every Mill and nearly every town has a wood chopping block somewhere. Just walk up to it. You'll need an axe which can usually be found nearby or right next to the chopping block. Each time you chop wood, you get some in your inventory. This can be sold to the person who runs the mill or can simply be sold to a vender.

2. Look for work.

Walk into any tavern and speak to the one who sells the drinks. You can see the option to say "I'm looking for work. Got any leads?" You will then be given a job to go kill a bandit in a nearby camp. Sometimes it is a dragon instead. Gold awarded generally ranges from 100 to 500 gold. It also depends on your current character level.

3. Go exploring!

This part is important. You're in Skyrim so obviously you'll be plundering bandit camps and delving into ancient dungeon ruins. You will always find treasure whether it be a shiny ruby or an enchanted war axe. Be sure to collect as much valuables as you can while out adventuring. One run through a cave or mine can net you several thousand gold.

4.  Create high end items with CRAFTING.

If you have at least 90 skill in your smithing, you can craft a Daedric Warhammer using only 3 Leather Strips, 5 Ebony Ingots, and 1 Daedra Heart. You can find these materials or simply buy them from a store for only a few hundred gold. Maybe a little bit more. But the Daedric Warhammer has a base value of 4000 gold. You have already made a large profit and this is repeatable.

With Alchemy, you can make a potion with 3 effects! These usually sell for over 1000 gold each if your skill is high enough. Ingredients for alchemy can be found all over the world so the profit margin here is a big one.

Thieves Guild

The best way to strike it rich


If you don't want to steal things in Skyrim to reap the benefits, don't even bother with number 5. But this is hands down the best possible way to make money in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I got my 100,000 gold achievement/trophy from this in only a day.

Where to find them: The Thieves Guild can be found in the Ragged Flagon which is accessed through the Ratway. The Ratway are the tunnels underneath the City of Riften. To join up, you simple have to walk into the middle of Riften's central market, you will be approached by one of the Thieves Guild's members and asked to plant a stolen ring into someone's pocket. Obviously once you've done that, you get payed.

Just keep in mind, this is the Thieves Guild. You might want to have skills associated with this area leveled a bit. This includes Sneak, Lockpicking, and Pickpocket. 

Once you've joined up with the guild, you're able to run a number of different jobs for them that range from changing numbers in a business ledger to stealing items from a rich family's house. Depending on your skills, these can be quite trivial and reap plenty of reward. Some jobs even let you keep what you steal.

Once you've reached a certain character level, (Which isn't very high thank god) each job will reward you with 500 gold coins. These jobs usually only take a couple of minutes to complete and that includes the load times of fast traveling to the job's destination. You can have 2 jobs active at the same time.

That said, the Thieves Guild is your best friend in the world of Skyrim. Run with them and before you know it, you will be walking around with at least 50 thousand gold in your pocket no matter what you're doing. And when you hear of buying a house for 5000 gold, it's simply pocket change at this point.

Have fun with all your gold.