Make Money with TwitterCredit: want to take your internet business to the next level but don't know how to begin? Try utilizing the resources at your disposal, specifically in the form of social media. Here are five ways to use Twitter to optimize your work and start making money.

1. Using Twitter to Drive Traffic 

Whether you have a website, published articles, or even just a blog, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your content is to promote it with twitter. Using twitter has for content promotion has a number of different advantages. First off, creating a twitter is a great way to start building an online brand for yourself, especially if you are writing on a niche topic. Also, if you are writing on a niche topic, your list of followers who receive your tweets are following you because they are interested in your information. It's essentially a free list of targeted people to whom you can send content. 

2. Promoting Affiliate Products on Twitter

As mentioned before, if you are writing on a niche topic then you can leverage your list of followers as a crowd of targeted traffic which you can send to your content. But this isn't only beneficial to boosting your page visits and Google AdSense earnings, you can also increase your affiliate sales not only on your page but also through direct contact with your followers. Tweet recommendations or promotions of affiliate products with your affiliate link directly in the tweet. Alternatively, you could also tweet links to a review of said products with information on exactly how and why it is useful to them. People are more likely to buy a product from a brand they are familiar with than a random person who wrote content on the subject. Squeeze pages and testimonials are great, but what is really effective for sales is to convey everything about you know about your product to your potential customers and as stated before, explain how they can use it for their needs. For software products or services, you might want to include a screencast of yourself using it; this can also be a launching pad for more videos/articles on how to use the product.

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3. Advertising/Sponsor Promotion on Twitter

There are many services that pay users to tweet information and links about their products/services that are related to the content your twitter is focusing on. Generally, registering for these accounts has a requirement of X number of followers. Depending on the service it may be 50-1000 followers; obviously a higher number of followers may have higher paying advertisements. Once registered you can create a profile and advertisers can choose to sponsor you as a promoter of their ads.You are paid on a pay-per-click basis each time anyone clicks on your ads but instead of requiring high page views each tweet is essentially a targeted ad that goes out to every one of your followers. Some are automated, whereas others require you to manually send the tweets but generally, all of these services are free to join.  

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4. Pay Others to Advertise/Promote Your Products & Websites

Alternatively, these services also offer an opportunity for you as an advertiser of your twitter and brand. Pay others to retweet your tweets and drive more followers towards your account or website, or place ads for products and services that you provide. 

5. Sell Your Own Product on Twitter

So you're promoting affiliate products through twitter but why not promote your own? Target traffic to products you can sell for 100% profit and since it's your creation, you'll be able to provide complete detailed information to your customers without any research necessary. If your customers are satisfied with your product they may even write reviews of their own that you can link to within future tweets or on your site itself.