We all have computer problems and instantly enter panic mode, freezing up just like our computer, with a Blue Screen of Death on our faces. Though it gets a little scary, there are a few easy ways to make your computer run more smoothly to avoid problems.

1) Remove rarely used programs. Every once in awhile you should go into the control panel of your computer and remove programs that you rarely use. Simply go to Programs (Add/Remove Programs in XP) and you will see a list of programs and their usage. This way you can see what programs are taking up the most room on your computer, and how often you use them.

2) Close system tray programs. On either the bottom right or bottom left of your computer will be a bunch of little icons designating programs that are running. If you are not using these programs, they can just create lag. Right clicking on the system tray will probably show even more icons that you didn't know about.

3) Reboot. These days people often leave their computer on for days, weeks, even months. Simply restarting your computer can solve problems by allowing it to close its eyes for a minute and refresh.

4) Remove Temporary Files. Whenever you go to a website, files can be stored on your hard drive that you do not need. Even by downloading programs or just clicking on email links you can store thousands of unnecessary temporary files. Search for .tmp files and delete all of them to help your computer.

5) Disable Pop ups. Pop ups are normally just advertisements that sites cause to open in a new browser, but these browsers can slow down your computer, and they run the risk of you clicking on them and potentially getting a virus on your computer. You can normally just disable them through your browser's File or Options menu. Otherwise, you can access it through the Control Panel.

These five tasks can help your computer run a lot faster without actually taking it to a San Diego, CA IT consulting professional. If you know what the problem is, a simple Google search might be able to help you find a solution. Good luck!