Keeping a cat happy

A happy cat is a happy household

For those of you who own a cat you know how demanding and attention grabbing they can be. They always want you to focus on them, their needs, and their wants. While many unfortunate owners have tried to find ways to please them, their efforts can be in vain because they don't know what a cat wants. Let's explore what a cat needs and how to keep them content.

Wake up

1. Always wake up

This is key to keeping a cat happy. During the day they usually like to sleep in the sun and keep to themselves while you be their slave and clean up after them and suck up the hair they leave in their wake during the night. However when nighttime comes and you go to bed, this is actually when cats need their needs met the most. When your cat gets hungry or needs attention they will perform a number of tasks to wake you up. They usually start by jumping on your bed and sniffing your face and hitting you with their paw. At this point you should get up because this is only the beginning. If you try to get them away they will resort to more drastic measures. They will start scratching everything in your room, throwing up, and making noise until you get up. If you can persevere this night well done, but they now know that you are trying to dig your heels in and will find new ways to wake you up the next night. Do yourself a favor and wake up anytime your cat wants you at night to keep the house in peace.

Cat on couch

2. Let them sit where they want

Do you have precious furniture or a brand new kitchen table? Make sure that when you buy these things that your cat will want them for their own. Don't ever, I repeat, don't EVER take your cat off your furniture and put them on the ground and tell them not to sit there. They will look at this like a challenge instead of a rule. So put down a blanket if you want to prevent cat hair from getting on your tables, chairs, and furniture and let them do what they want. After all this is their house and they let you live in it, or at least that's what they are thinking in their mind.

Cat wants to go out

3. Let them go out

If your cat wants to go outside, you will make sure that you do it. A cat that wants to go out is very persistent and it's in the best interest of your health and the well being of the condition of your house if you let them out. Cats are very capable of making your life miserable, so if you choose to not let them out at least make sure you let them on your furniture, or else they will keep you up at night. Starting to see a circle of events here? I thought so, let your cat out if they want to go out.

Hungry cat

4. Cat food is very important to have

If you have catfood, always make sure you are giving them more. Sometimes a cat will act hungry and you feed them, only for them to walk away. This could be a pride thing, or a mental issue, but cats have been known to do this. Don't be fooled, they will always return because they are always hungry. If you happen to run out of food then immediately go to the store and get some. Don't wait as this is critical, a cat can get very destructive or give you angry looks and you don't want that. Make sure you are always well stocked

Pet cat

5. Finding a cat's affection level

Some cats love to be pet, others hate is completely. Those are easy to find out but the difficult ones are like the ones in the picture. They want affection and then the next second they're trying to bite your head off. This is something you have to learn to understand because if you don't then you will be buying a lot of bandaids to help you heal from the misunderstanding between you and your cat. Get to know them early on when you get them and you can build a lasting friendship.