Got Music Lessons Studio?

Are you an Independent Music Teacher?

If you are a music teacher and have an independent music lessons studio, you know that it can be challenging to make sure you have plenty of students.  This article will teach you 5 sure-fire ways to get your phone ringing.

1. Add a signature to your daily emails.

By simply creating a "Hey, did ya know I teach guitar lessons?" signature to each email you send, you'll send a subtle message to each person who receives it.  Place the words you choose 2 returns down from your name signature.  A smart marketing tool would be to include at least part of your name within your studio name/website.

Example: Guy Rockerfeller

            (example email only)

2. Set up an informational website about your studio.

People who see your name online will look for information online about you.  This is a discreet way for them to find out more about you without having to call first.  Make your website informative and easy to read.  You should definitely include a picture of yourself and possibly one of you actively teaching a student as well.  Include a phone number where prospective students can read you easily.  Many people simply move on if you are not easily reached.

3. Post a short video on YouTube.

Many people now days are looking for visual examples of what it would be like studying with you.  Include an example of you having a good time playing along-side a student.  Borrow one if you don't have any students yet.  But, get something on YouTube.  You'll be glad.  Be sure that part of the video has you speaking to the student in plain to understand language.  Make the video short (less than 2 minutes).  Put this link on your website as well.

4. Post you links on the community website.

Most, if not all of your students will be relatively local.  Do not overlook the community directory websites.  You should be found on the community chamber of commerce website.  Look to post on the Arts/Music and Cultural Education page.

5. Post reference to your studio performances on your Facebook page.

Each and every single performance should be followed by a short tribute to your awesome studio.  Let your friends and family know that you are proud of what your students have accomplished and that you want everyone to know how neat they are.

The above 5 tips will do a great deal for your lesson studio.  One overlooked benefit is that just having an online presence shows that you are current and relevant today.  Happy Teaching.

This article submitted by Rebecca Fuller, an active, advanced teacher and success coach for independent teachers around the globe.