Below are the 5 ways you can promote your site for free.

#1 – Facebook

Everyone knows that Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Facebook itself receives more traffic than Friendster and MySpace put together. Why not piggy-back off this traffic? It’s free traffic that, if used correctly, can divert hundreds of visitors to your site. Here are some guidelines for promoting your site on Facebook via a Page/Group/Account.

  • Make use of the interests features of Facebook; adding interests to your profile that are relevant to the site you are promoting is a great way if you are using a standard account or group to target your audience. Just add the interest, and then click on it in your profile to see the hundreds of people you could invite/add as a friend.
  • Make meaningful posts; if you are promoting via a page make some meaningful updates instead of the trend of posting a quote (a lot of pages do that). Tag your members in a few posts to get to know them. This not only increases interactivity on your page, but also your members’ friends will see the activity on their news feeds and check you out.
  • Make a good app; this is especially good if you are running a site that has a service. Get someone to build you a good app that does a calculation for your service, for example a flight fare calculator for an airline website.
  • Have regular contests and give away digital goods; of course make the digital goods relevant to your site’s niche. You may also give away physical goods if your site is being promoted in a specific region. A contest should be simple, example: Members of a Gaming group upload videos of their gameplay and the video with the highest amount of likes by a certain time wins. Keep it simple.

Use your imagination, Facebook is a great medium for promoting a website.


#2 – Tweeting

Tweeting is another good way of enticing new visitors. There are many people who prefer the simple structure of Twitter to Facebook. One main advantage of twitter is that any update made is immediately seen by any online followers. You should keep your tweets simple, and again encourage user interaction. You can even adapt the contest concept here, by hosting a retweet contest. Example: First person to retweet #Hubpages_is_Cool wins a free eBook from (of course this is just an example, I’m not Twitter savvy so I can’t remember the retweet format, LOL). 


#3 – Social Gaming Advertising

One overlooked means of advertising is MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) advertising. This basically means you are setting a special bot on an account on one of these sites to spam a link to your site. This isn’t very “White Hat”, but trust me it works. For example: I place my RuneScape accounts on one of the trade worlds and activate the autotalker bot. Then I just leave my little minion there to talk his heart out. Two hours later I just log out/log in and repeat. There used to be very stringent rules against this, but RuneScape doesn’t care anymore. I can say this free means of promotion really helps gaming/hacking/modding sites; because the target audience is young gamers.


#4 – Posting to Classified Sites

There are hundreds of classified ad sites on the internet. Craigslist being the biggest. One of the best advantages to posting on classified sites would be the exposure. Craigslist and other big names in the business get loads of traffic every day. One of the best ways to milk as much traffic from these sites is to post every day, in every section that is relevant to your site. I can say personally Craigslist is very good when promoting services or job opportunities.


#5 – Article Directories

That’s right; lastly I had to include writing for article directories. Articles directories such as Infobarrel and HubPages have high search engine rank. So writing for them you can get traffic, just add your links to every article you write. You would be surprised by how much of a difference this makes. Another advantage of these sites is that you can earn a little pocket money. Just add your AdSense ID to them and you get a share of their revenue.


And those are 5 ways you can promote your website for free!