Reinventing vintage window shutters is a practical way to save money and resources, while enjoying a blast from the past. You can incorporate wooden shutters into various styles of interior decor, such as cottage and country. You can either paint the shutters to match your interior decor, or simply dust them and remove any pieces of paint that are flaking off. It's that simple. So, if you are looking for ways to reinvent vintage wood window shutters, here are some pointers.

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1. Turn a window shutter into a mail center. Install a small window shutter on the wall. Simply insert your incoming mail in the various slots so you can go through it at a later time. If you have two small window shutters, you can use one for incoming and one for outgoing mail. You can choose to install them horizontally or vertically.

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 If you choose the mudroom or entryway for your mail center, you can also install hooks at the bottom of the shutter. Use the hooks to hang your keys. It will keep your mail and keys in one location, so you don't have to look for them each time you go out.

2. Convert a wooden shutter into an information center. Install a wooden shutter in the kitchen or office. Display your favorite family pictures and cards. Simply insert the items through the various slots in a collage-like form. You can also use this area to leave notes for other family members.

3. Create a headboard using window shutters. If you like country decor, install three wooden window shutters above your bed, it will instantly give your room a country look. Depending on your other accessories in the room, you can also create a cottage-like  setting.

4. Window shutters make great room dividers. All you have to do is use hinges to join two or three wooden window shutters. Use the divider to separate one living space from another in an open-floor plan. For example, a divider can separate the living room from the dining area. A divider can also separate a small home office from the living room. Used in a bedroom room, you can hide boxes behind it, while giving the room a vintage feel.

5.  Use window shutters to build a plant stand. Join four shutters with hinges. Place a potted plant on top. The pot's circumference should be slightly bigger than the top of the plant stand so it doesn't fall through. You can place the plant stand on your porch or balcony for a live plant or indoors for an artificial plant.

There you have it. Five tips for reinventing vintage window shutters. However, to reinvent window shutters, you first have to find them. Vintage stores, flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores are common places where you might find old vintage window shutters. You might also find them online on sites such as eBay, Etsy and So next time you run into some old vintage wood window shutters, view them as an opportunity to create a conversational piece.

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