After a long hard day at the office, leave or care for your children, it is important that you learn to relax - let go of all the stress that has accumulated during the day and pamper yourself. We met five great ways to help you unwind and relax - listen to music to lighting a few candles - they are sure to help you forget all your worries.

1) Listen to music - listening to one of your favorite music can be a great way to let go of everything that happened during the day. It would be adviseable however, you choose the tracks that are calming and relaxing. Listening to your favorite tracks by Chase and Status are unlikely to put you in a state of relaxation! Instead of attempting to music without words, perhaps the kind of thing you find in a yoga class, or used for meditation. That means your brain has little to think about, and you can just concentrate on thinking about nothing!

2) Take a bath - the warm water in the bath will automatically relax your muscles and means you lose all the stresses and strains that you wear on your shoulders every day. This also means you can add some bubble bath and smell the perfume and also causes you to relax.

3) Essential oils - like above, if you need to relax, you should smell of essential oils, or put a few drops in a bath, or put some on your pillow before you go bed. It has been said that lavender has soothing effects including allowing you to let go and stress. It is also suggested that lavender helps to cleanse your mind and give you more clarity. There are hundreds of essential oils and in general they are readily available in local stores or online. Why not ad some to your Christmas gift list?

4) Read your favorite book - not only has it been proven that reading allows your mind to calm down, but there's also something comforting to read your favorite book again. It is the feeling of control that you already know exactly what will happen and you can be sure that things will turn out as planned - unlike your day at the office!

5) Light candles - lights can cause headaches, eye pain and all sorts of other stress problems. So dim the lights and light candles instead. The therapeutic effect of the flame is sure to feel calm in a short time, and the lower intensity of light means you will not cause problems for your eyes.

So if you had a hard day at the office, or you simply want to relax and unwind a Sunday afternoon, take a piece of us and is engaging in essential oils or read your favorite book to help you drift to your happy place.