If you’ve already invested in a great piece of content for your business blog, website copy, or even newsletter, did you know you can repurpose your content again and again? Don’t keep reinventing the wheel—making your existing copy pull triple or even quadruple duty is a fantastic, affordable way to get your business in the content game.

1. Blog Posts as Special CTA Downloads or White Papers

If you’ve got a decent amount of blog posts for your company blog, take a good look at the stats—are there any posts that have gotten far better traffic from one some posts than others? What is it that people really want to know?

Reuse blog posts as raw material, create a “commonly asked questions” document that addresses your readers’ top concerns, then offer it as a free download (with a blog or newsletter signup call to action, of course).

2. Product Descriptions as Blog Posts or Press Releases

A good product description includes benefits (ways the product or service solves the customer’s problems), features (descriptions of the product or service itself), and possibly a few usage suggestions. Now, your blog is a great opportunity to take this even further.

Expand on those usage suggestions. What is a scenario in which your ideal customer might benefit from your product? This is an excellent way to take a bare-bones product description and add some personality, relating to your customers with the story you craft. It’s a great way to tie your brand’s voice in to its products and services, and your blog is a place where you can open up and have a bit of fun. Readers love that!

3. Press Release as Blog Posts or News Archives

Don’t send all those keywords out into the aether without snatching a serving for yourself—repurposing (or even simply republishing) press releases as blog posts should be a no-brainer, or setting up a “News Archives” page to keep these one-time releases in one place takes only a bit of extra time. Either way, it’s much easier for readers to find these on your website—and much better for you if they stay on your site to read them rather than bouncing over to a press release machine, never to return.

4. Website Copy as FAQ

There’s important information sprinkled all across your website: what your products and services cost, what makes your business unique, what expertise and experience your staff brings to the table. Why not collect all those heavy-hitting facts and bring them under one FAQ readers can peruse?

Writing a whole new FAQ can seem daunting, but when it’s really just about aggregating information already out there, it isn’t so bad. Whether you hire someone to go through and gather likely gems of wisdom, type out a list of questions and send someone hunting for answers, or even address a print-out with a highlighter and a strong cup of coffee—whatever effort you put in to creating an FAQ now, your website traffic statistics will thank you in future.

5. Management and Staff Bios as Even Better Bios

We’ve all seen them: management bios that read like a resume. If the bios on your site list ever school, every certification, every professional advancement, readers are going to skim. Are you trying to wow prospective customers with key achievements, or with the number of words you can use to describe them?

If there’s more you want to say, that’s great; consider a long-form and a short-form version, one targeted to casual website browsers, the other for those who wish to click through and learn more.

While colleages and classmates may be impressed by your individual courses of study from your college education way back, consider whether your readers simply need to know that you received a masters in your field at the college you ended up with, and whether they’re perhaps more concerned with your history in your field over the last twenty-five years.