Easy Ways to Save Money Eating Out at Restaurants

1. Buy Discounted Restaurant Vouchers on Daily Deal Sites

Daily Deal sites like Groupon and Living Social often sell discounted restaurant vouchers. For example, they will sell a $40 restaurant gift certificate for $19. Buying discounted restaurant gift certificates through daily deal sites is an easy way to save 50% or more on your restaurant bill!

2. Buy Restuarant.Com discounted Gift Certificates

Restaurant.Com sells discounted restaurant gift certificates. Restaurant.Com vouchers have a minimum purchase. For example, you will buy a $25 restaurant gift certificate but you will have to spend $35 total in order to use it. These vouchers go on sale a couple of times a month so you will be able to get a $25 restaurant gift certificate for as low as $2.  This means you will pay the $2 for the gift certificate, and the $10 extra you must spend on the meal. That's a $35 meal for $12.  

3. Follow Your Favorite Restaurants on Social Media

Follow your favorite restaurants on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe by email. You will be constantly aware of weekly restaurant specials, or special restaurant events. Many restaurants feature priced fixed menus during the week, half price bottle of wine nights, or other great deals. By staying informed you can plan restaurant dinners around which of your favorite restaurants have specials!

4. Sign up for Upromise and Use their Dining Cashback Program

Upromise is a government sponsored program(Sallie Mae runs it) to help you save money for college. Your Upromise account can be used to help you or a family member save for college, or you can request your money to be mailed to you in a check. One of the ways Upromsie helps you save money for college is by offering dining cashback. Upromise features restaurants where they deposit a percentage of your restaurant bill in your Upromise account (the percentages are often betwen 3-10%). You can sometimes double dip with Upromise. Use a Groupon, go on a night they have a special, and then get a percentage cashback deposited in your account! Check out other ways to save at Upromise to maximize your college savings. 

5. Buy an Entertainment Book for your City which will have Local Restaurant Coupons. 

Entertainment books are local coupon books. They have coupons for restaurants in your city. The cost of the book is easily paid for after you use only a couple of coupons. Entertainment books have coupons for all kinds of activities in your city. 

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