You Can Help

Do you care about your world and the society in which you live, but feel too overwhelmed and unsure how to help, or where to start? Look below and see, 5 simple ideas to get you started.


Ride a Bike

Driving a car is a major drawback for the planet, as cars pump carbon dioxide ,and nitrogen dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide traps the heat from the sun and prevents it from being re-emitted back into space. So if you can, why not hop on a bike, even if it is just for a short trip up to the shops. You can get fit and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Let's all Ride a Bike

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Grow Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables can help to reduce your carbon footprint, which contributes to climate change. Also, vegetables from the supermarket, often travel a long way and may be stored for a period, before you see them under the fluorescent lights. Vegetables that you grow yourself however, can be higher in nutrient, fresher and use less pesticides and chemical fertilisers. You can also save money and reduce stress by being out in the garden. If you only have a balcony, no worries, you can grow lettuce and tomatoes in pots, simple!

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Recycling, is one of the easiest ways to 'save the world'. When you recycle, less pollutants are released into the atmosphere. Also the manufacturing of new products from scratch uses lots of energy and resources. Recycling, turns rubbish into useful products instead of landfill. Also, remember that you can recycle your mobile phone instead of allowing them to become toxic pollutants.


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Volunteering, is a very personal way of helping others and contributing to the world in which you live. Providing, not only the chance to make friends and connect with your community, volunteering adds to the development of social cohesion and provides support for many people and worthwhile projects. You can volunteer in the welfare sector, the arts, human rights, emergency services, museums and other worthwhile organisations.

Preserve our History

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Adopt an Animal

Adopt an animal in danger of extinction. This can be done through a large organisation, like WWF  or your local zoo.  Habitat destruction and climate change, are creating a never seen before threat to our animal species. Harvard biologist Edward O Wilson, estimates that half of all plant and animal species will be extinct by 2100.

Help Me

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