Improve you shooting skill with these pro tips

OK, now you own a camcorder or just got it borrowed from your uncle. You are ready to shoot a movie during your holiday or family gathering party. Whatever situation you are  now, here is some tips that can help you to shoot a video like a pro.

1. Plan, prepare and practice
Few days before the big day, make sure you have a good plan. Plan what do you want to shoot, who do you want to shoot, and how are you going to shoot that. You also need to charge the battery, make sure you have extra cards, tape or space on you camcorder. Remember to bring the lens cleaning kit and microphone if needed. Make sure you practice, know how to handle the camera well. At least you must know how to zoom, focus and record.

2. Use tripod for steady shoot
Most of the camera shoot that you see on TV are shoot using tripod or some other rigs that make it stable. Be a pro. Steady and stable shot is a basic requirement for good video. Sometimes it is troublesome to bring the tripod and set up make take some time, but trust me, it'll worth it. The result of the shoot will be like a pro. Smooth zoom, pan , tilt footage is always better than shaky handheld footage, especially during a long hour recording.

3. Make use of lights
Photography and videography are all about lights. The amount of light that goes into the camera itself. Make sure you place the subject in the well lighted area. Control the lighting and judge the brightens from your video camera, not by your own eyes. Because the way camera see the lights is different from our eyes. Try the manual light adjustment when needed. It's always better to get a good footage on the shoot than to make adjustment during editing later on.

4. Listen to the sound
Audio is also part of video. A clear audio will help to make a better video. Get a mic connected to your camera while you are recording. Always use earphone to check the audio level, make sure you can hear the person speaking clearly. This is important if you want to include voice to your video.

5. Composition
Always remember what is your main subject. Try to place the subject with the rule of third in mind. Avoid disturbing background. Get some 'safe' shot first before you go into experimental shot with your camera.

That's all my tips on how to shoot a video like pro. Remember, to be a pro you must plan, prepare and practice before you shoot the real video. Tripod is a good tool to get a steady shoot. Try to get a good lighting when you shoot a video. Good audio is also part of good video, and lastly know what is your subject and compose it. Hope you can produce a better quality video with these tips.