Have you ever wondered what people did on a busy subway prior to smartphones?  It is not surprising that you may find yourself in a similar situation on the train if your phone's battery dies.  Fortunately, people have endured public transportation for centuries prior to any smartphones or tablets.  Here are 5 ways to pass the time when you are simply trying to get to work or home using your cities public transit system.

5. Plan Your Day

Time spent commuting is perfect for mentally planning all of your to-do's for the day.  Although we all have to-do lists and calendar events on our smartphones, mentally preparing yourself for the day will help you better manage your time both at and after work.  A plan for lunch or dinner can be easily accomplished as you are rocking back and forth with the motion of the subway.  Run through your meeting agenda or plan for the weekend, it does not matter.  The point is to practice mental preparation to face the day head on.

4. Read Something on Paper

Yes it's true, newspapers and magazines still exist in a tangible form outside of your Kindle or Ipad.  Many of the subway stations in large cities offers free local newspapers.  Pick one up and see what peaks your interest.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

3. People Watch

By far the most interesting personalities are found on the subway.  No where else could you get such extroverted people with such blatant disregard for the serenity of many in a tight space.  It is not polite to eavesdrop but sometimes you have no choice.  Embrace and enjoy it.  We all enjoy people watching at Wal-Mart or Disneyland so why not just apply it to our daily commute.

2. Meditate

Close your eyes.  Imagine you are in your happy place whether that's on a beach or in a tub full of suds.  Empty your mind and focus on the sounds of public transportation.  It can be quite relaxing and allows you to rest your eyes especially if you work on a computer daily.

1. Sleep

If you are lucky enough to grab a seat in the heat of rush hour then just kick back and take a nap.  There is no better white noise than the braking wheels of the subway or the swoosh of the doors.  Think of this as finding more snooze time if you are on your way to work.  A power nap on the train may allow you to skip that second cup of coffee once you get to the office.  Save the maintenance dose of caffeine for the afternoon!

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