Business Tips
  1. For small business owners, sites such as Yelp are extremely important in growing your business.  In urban locations, your potential customers are using Yelp to decide where they should eat dinner, go for entertainment, or even which carpet cleaning business to use.  If you have a local small business, you need to make sure your company has a Yelp page.  Utilize your business page to bring in new business, mitigate any negative feedback, and communicate with your customers and target market. To encourage people to leave positive feedback on your business’ Yelp page, you might consider offering an incentive for leaving reviews, recommendations, etc. This will not only generate positive content on your page, but will act as an incentive for your customers to return to redeem their incentive.
  2. Proper brand management online can do wonders for your business.  Managing a brand online doesn’t just entail setting up a page on Facebook and Twitter, but rather engaging with your target market, competitors, and advocates all at the same time.  Keep an eye on when and where your company is being mentioned – especially on Twitter – and make an effort to retweet those mentions whenever applicable.  Everyone likes to see their content recognized and republished, especially by the company themselves.  It also gives your company extra validation as someone besides you is saying something great about your company.
  3. Encourage your employees to talk about your brand online.  While it may have been taboo a few years ago to mix personal with professional in your online social communications, it seems many successful businesses now are encouraging it!  Encourage your employees to be open and excited about your business when it comes to using social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.)– both personally and professionally.  Rather than give your employees strict guidelines on what to say and how to say it, give them resources and teach them ways you’ve learned to be interesting, add value and build your own networks online.
  4. Ask your customers for feedback and implement their suggestions.  Instead of asking your customers for a review and getting back something very generic, ask leading and specific questions that will not only be good testimonials for your website, but will give you an insight into suggestions and changes that they’d like to see in your business.
  5. Ditch the office and transform your workspace into a virtual office.  An office building can be one of the major costs when it comes to running a business.  Consider taking your business to the next level by taking your business virtual.  The thousands of dollars that you’ll save on an office building can be put towards additional marketing efforts, promotions and networking events.  Not to mention employee morale will sky-rocket as they’ll get to work from the comfort of their own space!