You have cared and nurtured your child from infancy. You have been there through thick and thin. You know every little secret of your child. You have been the counselor, friend, mother, father and everything. However, there comes a time when you feel you are losing control of your child. You feel something happened to your child and everything seems to be out of control. The fact that most parents feel this way when their children get to that difficult period called adolescence is revealing. It is a transition that both parents and children are never prepared to deal with. How do you control and guide without stifling your teenager? Here is a list of 5 things you can do to show you are a reasonable parent.

Listen: Gone are the days when you talk and your child has to listen. You might feel that your child lacks experience and needs protection. That is true but your child is going through a difficult transition in his young existence. You need to understand that his or her needs have changed. You are probably not that important in his or her life as you used to be. You need to start thinking and listening more. The more you listen with understanding, the better you will be at helping and shaping your child's future.

Remember: Most parents tend to forget that they were once young. They want to know everything about their children. Teenagers are in a league of their own and as a parent, you need to remember when you were young. You need to remember how you felt more connection with people of your age. You need to remember how you longed for more freedom. You need to remember because it will help you understand your child and help you to be reasonable in the way you deal with him or her.

Freedom: Freedom of speech and freedom of thought or freedom as a whole is what teenagers crave for. You as a parent know they still lack maturity. It is your job to ensure that your teenage child gets sufficient freedom to breathe and make his or her own errors. You cannot protect your teenager 24 hours per day. You need to step back a little and guide from a little distance. The amount of freedom you give will also depend on the maturity of your child. No matter how immature he might be, you will still need to teach him or her how to make good use of his new found freedom

Accept Criticism: When your child was younger, you were everything to him. You were perfect in his or her eyes. When your child becomes a teenager, you might be faced with unexpected behavior. Your child will realize that you are human and make mistakes. You will be criticized by your child and you should be mature enough to handle the criticism. You don't want to stoop to his level and have a teenage bantering with your child. You are the parent and your child needs to be constantly reminded of that fact.

I am sorry: You need to be humble enough and be willing to apologize to your child. You will make mistakes and your child will be aware of it. If you apologize and teach your child to imitate that fine quality, you will be on your way to making him or her a reasonable and balanced adult.