Cross at Sunset

Walking with the Lord

When people accept Christ into their hearts, they need guidance and direction or else their walk with God will stagger, be unfruitful, or be frustrating. God loves His children no matter how strong or weak they are in their faith. Sometimes we can feel like God is distant or uncaring because of the things we go through and experience in life, but God is nothing but love and cares for us deeply because He sent Jesus for us. We need to do some things to see our walk with Him be more fulfilling and this article will express some of those tips.

1. Get rooted in the Bible

The Bible is the manual for our lives

Having a solid foundation in the Word of God is the most important thing we can do to see our walk with the Lord become more fruitful and fulfilling. The Bible is loaded and jampacked with promises that God has given to His children. If we don't read the Bible then how are we ever going to know what God thinks of us or what he says about us? People trust either religion or preachers to get all their knowledge, but we have to understand that preachers aren't always correct and sometimes let personal feelings or convictions get in the way of the truth. The only way we can totally get the truth about God is reading the Word itself. The Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is the truth that sets us free. Hosea 4:6 says that God's children perish for a lack of knowledge. Getting that knowledge requires learning and reading the instruction manual for our lives which is the Bible. Read it today and learn what God thinks about you as His child!

2. Understand you are loved

God loves you more than you can imagine

Many people go through their entire lives walking with God without truly grasping the truth that God loves them. They think that their salvation and God's blessing is conditional to works or what we do or say. People think that if they sin God hates them or if they do something bad that they have lost salvation. The truth is Romans 5:8 says that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. If God sent His son Jesus to die for us while we were sinners and living in sin, why would he have this attitude to His child? This attitude makes no sense, yet religion and many churches preach condemnation and hate. God is nothing but love, that's why he sent Jesus! So he could have us back! He loves you unconditionally, whether you sin continually or live a perfect life. None of us are qualified to get into heaven except through His son Jesus. Reading the word this message is abundant that God is love. Understand who you are in Christ and that you are loved, and your walk with the Lord will be totally transformed and be fulfilling! God wants to build a relationship with you today, so stop looking at what you've done and start looking at Jesus instead!

3. Get involved with church and organizations

Fellowship is important!

God never created us to be hermits and live alone. He even said it in Genesis when Adam was here that it's not good for man to be alone so he made Eve. He created us for fellowship! So when we get involved in church and christian groups we are boosting our faith and stretching ourselves by being with other like minded believers. This can make or break our walk with God because if we choose to live a lonely life we can't use our faith to bless others or grow with others. God wants us to spend alone time with Him to grow, but fellowshipping with other believers is just as important! Get involved in a group or church today and stretch yourself so you can grow. If you never lift weights or workout you will never build your muscles, in the same way if we don't use our faith and stretch ourselves our spiritual muscles will never grow.

4. Sing and praise the Lord

God delights in the praise of His people

Praising the Lord has a three fold approach that is very powerful. For us it edifies our faith and keeps our minds on the Lord and not on our problems. For satan it causes him to flee because he's a coward and he hates hearing God's children sing and be joyful. For God it blesses him and pleases Him! Think of the magnitude of what that means! We as humans have the power to bless and please Almighty God! What a radical and yet powerful thought. When we praise God we can keep our minds on God. Isaiah 26:3 says that when our minds are stayed on God, He keeps us in perfect peace. Keeping your mind on the Lord means keeping your mind off of the natural and all our problems. Sing to the King and let His peace wash over you like a wave today!

5. Cast your cares on God

He wants your burden today

Psalms 55:22 says that when you cast your care on the Lord, He will sustain you and never let you fall. Many people try to take on life and all it's burdens alone without being concious of the fact that God is right there with them ready and willing to bear those burdens for you. Don't walk through life trying to make ends meet and always taking everything on by yourself. Seek God and all His wisdom to make right decisions, cast heavy burdens on Him, and let His peace and rest well in your heart. When you do this, God is magnified and glorified because he created us to walk in fellowship with him, so we aren't alone in our walk of life. Trust in God and let Him fight your battles and keep yourself in peace.