Many people believe that to improve your life is a matter of luck. Either will come to your or not. This is absolutely wrong. Self improvement experts and successful people can tell you that there is no luck involved in improving your life. There are some ways to improve your life which are not based on luck but on your willingness to succeed.

To improve and change your life means that you will have to work consistently with all your forces to achieve your dreams. Dreams are not only to obtain more money and power but may include may other intagible things like happiness and love. The article below outlines 5 ways which you can follow in order to improve your life.

1. Find out what other people think for you

It is important to find out what other people think about you. Do they understand you correctly or not? This is especially important if you want to become successful in your work. If you cannot manage to understand what is the perception of others about you then you will not be able to change your attitude in an intelligent way so as to meet your goals.

2. Improve your performance

Most successful people have great social skills. Others are more 'close' to their self and cautious. Their common characteristic is that they know that is important to allocate some time for their self in order to analyze their behavior and performance. By analyzing your performance you will be able to identify the areas you need to improve and set an action plan to achieve it.

When you complete a big project is very important to analyze and identify the quality of your work and evaluate the effectiveness of your communication with others. To do that you need to have a balanced judgment and be ready for self-criticism. You must be able to realize what you could do better and learn from your mistakes.

3. Find out your strengths and weakness

Looking into your past experiences and analyzing each situation and how you handled them, you will be in a position to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Accept the fact that all people have strengths and weaknesses, and this include you!

4. Build upon your strenghts

If you want to become successful and improve your life you have to build upon your strong points while at the same time limiting your negative.

You have to realize that you may spend much more time and energy to upgrade your weaknesses from a very low point to reach mediocrity while at the same time with the same energy, effort and time your strong points can be upgraded from mediocrity to Excellency. You should not waste your time and energy on your weaknesses but concentrate and invest on your strengths in order to reach outstanding levels of performance.

5. Do things that you like and enjoy

Unfortunately we all have to do activities and work that we do not like. You should arrange your schedule so that you spend most of your time on things that make you happy and are towards achieving your goals.

In conclusion, you should be aware that there are a lot of ways on how to be successful in life. Usually such a process needs commitment and time. If you really want to improve your life then you need to prepare your self for the next step.