5 Ways to tell Your Partner is Cheating
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     Are you in a relationship with someone and you are not quite sure if they are being completely loyal to you? You see little things here and there that are telling you a story that you may not want to hear. Do they seem distant or distracted recently? Do they touch or kiss you differently? Has you love making become more intense, or dropped off recently? There are many little birds whispering to you about things you would like to ignore. It could not possibly be true, they are not cheating on you..are they? There are many ways to tell if your partner is cheating on you; here are five of the most telltale ways to find out.

  • Pointless Arguments:  Do you have pointless arguments all the time over little things? Most couples will have arguments or minor disagreements; however if you're having really intense arguments all the time for no reason then it may be an indication that your partner is cheating on you. Is there a lot of nit-picking happening and a lot of bad feelings all around? The reason this is happening is because your partner is falling for someone else; and the more they fall the less fond of you they will become. They will become easily irritated by you and want to distance themselves; either on a conscious or subconscious level. The easiest way to distance yourself from someone is to be argumentative and negative towards them. It's just a side effect of being in love; you want person "A" and will reject all others no matter how close they are to you.
  • Coming home late: Is your partner coming home "late" from work more often than not? Night after night you are waiting alone for them to come home from work as they are inevitably "working late" five nights a week... This one seems like a no brainer, however it is the most commonly used and accepted excuse for spending time away from your significant other. Working late does not automatically mean that they are cheating on you, but it is a red flag and is telling you to keep your eyes open! Watch for a lot or random overtime!
  • Verbal Abuse: Are you on the receiving end of a lot of verbal abuse, constant belittling and insults? Arguments are one thing, but if they are constantly putting you down, calling you names and making sound effects when you walk around the room; it may be an indication that they are cheating on you. They have lost all semblance of respect for you and therefore feels free to treat you with contempt. If they are constantly fooling you and getting away with their lies, they will slowly lose respect and slowly increase the contempt.
  • Cell phone activity:  Are they getting strange text or voice messages at odd times through the day or night? Do they block you from looking over their shoulder when they are text messaging? Is there a password on their phone to keep the information too you? Odd phone behavior may be a good indication that they are cheating on you. Does their phone ring just once a lot of the time? Lovers often send the message "I am thinking about you" over the phone by letting it ring once and then hanging up. This can be a clear indication that someone else is getting secret messages to your partner; especially if they excuse themselves soon after receiving the mysterious single ring.
  • Intimate contact: When they hold you, touch you and kiss you; does it feel different? They are kissing you in a completely different way and making love is altogether different? It's because they are getting used to the way their other lover responds to their touch and when they are with you they do it subconsciously; they are trying to please their lover and not you. This is a huge red flag!

     These are just five of the ways you can tell if your partner is cheating on you. They will act differently when they are around you and often seem like they are somewhere else. Late night drives are a staple and you are finding strange hairs on their clothing. Time to wake up and smell the coffee! I suggest you start investigating and asking some hard questions. You may not get the answers that you want to hear; but they will lead you closer to the truth that will set you free. Remember you deserve love, respect and the loyalty of a good life partner. So if the relationship you are in does not work out, then move on to the one who will truly love and respect you.