Bad girl turned good, more of us than you think!

Why is it that girls are called bad for having fun?Is it just social stigma or is it more a matter of natural ethical codes? Who knows, but I do know that nobody ever had fun sitting at home writing in their journal. This article is only meant to bring back those memories for the ladies out there that maybe now are settled down, working hard, behaving and feeling like they forgot where that wild one  went. Or for the guys who look at their partner and wondered where that wild one  went, I say " Go look under the pile of laundry, she lost herself somewhere in there!".

1. If you ever lied to your parents about sleeping at a friends house.

You can pretty much class yours as wild one years, and yourself as an ex "bad girl" if you ever lied to your parents and told them you have a sleep over arranged with a friend, instead you went and had a night over with your boyfriend. Something that even though I myself did, and as an ex bad girl  didn't care about doing, I aint that stupid to buy it if my daughters ever try that one. I want to speak to the friends parents and ask if my kid is really stopping over before they would be allowed out. 

You can however class yourself as a girl who was a bad girl if you ever sneaked this one just so you could stay with your boyfriend with out anyone knowing.

 2.Your milk man knew who you were

If your milkman knew who you were as an adolescent then the likelihood was they gave you a lift home on the back of the milk float at 4 in the morning. Only a bad girl can handle clubbing til the early hours of the morning. Good girls would have flaked by 11 pm if they even made it out at all. If you did ride on a milk float home you definitely earn your ex bad girl image.

3. You have woke up on the bathroom floor after spending what was left of the evening praying to the porcelain God.

Bad girls spend a lifetime on the bathroom floor, whilst I have to agree that as an ex wild one and now a boring housewife being on the bathroom floor isn't exactly that wild and exciting. It is in fact pretty rubbish, it is the product of what should have been a massively brilliant night of partying if you did it right! Whilst you do not always need a drink to go out and enjoy yourself, it does add that extra bit of fun. Bad girls don't exactly care whether other people think it is right or wrong! All they want is the fun, they wouldn't be bad if it was socially acceptable now, would they?


4. You went out with a boy just to get a present

Bad girls have been cheeky enough to at least do this once in their younger years. You go out with a boy because the time was right to get either, a birthday present, Christmas present or Valentine's present. I have never done this myself but have known girls that did this. Whilst I may have been a bad girl, I had a standard of ethics I kept too!

5. Your mother laughed her head off when you gave birth to a girl!

This is the ultimate that you were a bad girl or wild one. No doubt that whilst you were finding your liberty and raising the roof, your poor mother was having kittens and panicking about you. By the time you reached the age to have children yourself, you may have chilled out enough to let your mum take a breather for a while. As you can imagine, when she has been through whatever she has with you, the best revenge she could wish for is for you to have to deal with it with your own daughter. Whilst it sounds a bit mean of a mother to be that spiteful, just wait a couple of decades before you judge. Just think of all the angst that you caused and all the angst your daughter has or will cause you and then think, guaranteed you will turn around and say " I am sorry for stressing you out mum!", I know I did.

So just remember whilst you are stood there as a middle aged housewife, totally fed up and looking at your past with rose tinted glasses over the wild one that you use to be, just take a step back and realize that all you were really doing was getting unclassily trashed out of your tree on drink, having episodes of being poorly whilst suffering from said unclassy outings and being rather promiscuous. As someone with a family and a few more years on you, would you really want to be living that way again if you had the chance to do so? I bet you one major hangover would cure that wander lust you suffer from.

Also as a parent, remember that your children will not have the chance to let their hair down and be a wild one forever. Would it really be that bad to let them live a bit and let them go and have some fun? They will need those memories to keep them going through the years of drudgery.

If I could give one piece of advice here though, I would just state that maybe you just want to think twice about having children in the first place. It is rewarding but not for those who don't want to be pinned down.  To those ladies who love their children but just feel a bit overwhelmed at the fact they seem to have lost themselves, you don't need the bad girl back, you just need to tip the balance in the right direction and make sure you get some " you time".