5 Websites That Help You Save & Earn Money
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During tough economic times like this, most people are always looking for ways to save money or make a few extra bucks however they can. Fortunately, online businesses have responded to this demand and have provided people with ways to save money and make money.

1- Coupons.com

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The name says it all. Coupons.com is a web site where you can print outs for all kinds of household items from many different stores. Individually, the discounts may not be much, but the savings add up over time and you'll have a significant amount of money left over in the end. 

2- Gazelle.com

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Gazelle.com is a web site where you sell your unwanted electronics. Naturally, you'd be wondering why you can't just sell your stuff online. Turning in your electronics to Gazelle.com is much quicker and simpler because of the following reasons:

  1. With Gazelle, you are just selling directly to the web site, no need to worry about listing your item online and waiting for someone to come and buy it. 

  2. Gazelle pays for the shipping for items worth $1 or more. 

In short, use Gazelle when you want a quick, stress-free sale. 


3- Airbnb (Air bed-n-breakfast)

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Airbnb is a great way for travelers to find affordable living spaces while at the same time meeting locals!

Homeowners/Apartment tenants:
Rent out your living space temporarily for some extra money in your pocket.

Renters: Save money by renting someone's living space rather than paying for an expensive hotel. 

4- Getaround

Credit: http://www.getaround.com/

Getaround.com is basically the Airbnb for drivers. 

Car owners: You can rent out your car when you're not using it to make a few extra bucks.

Renters: Rent someone's car for a lot cheaper than it would cost to take a Zipcar.

5- ParkAtMyHouse

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If you haven't guessed it yet, ParkAtMyHouse is exactly like teh last two web sites, but for parking space. 

Parking space owners: You can rent out your garege or parking space for some quick money.

Drivers: Instead of paying for parking at expensive garages, rent for cheap from someone who's not using it for anything else anyways

As I've mentioned before, don't be discouraged if you only end up saving a small amount of money from using one of these web sites. There are lots of ways to save, and all of the little savings will add up to a lot, and you'll end up having a lot more extra money that you didn't have before.