I have been a Member of InfoBarrel for 5 weeks now. As of this article I have published 80 articles on InfoBarrel. My goal is to publish 1500 articles on InfoBarrel by the end of 2010.

I have moved some low performing articles over from Bukisa and made more money on them here than I had on Bukisa. Not all of the articles I have moved over from Bukisa have made money but the articles that have received a click or two have made me more than I ever would have earned from keeping them on Bukisa.

InfoBarrel is hands down the best site to write for. I also write for Examiner. The only downfall of Examiner is you have to stick to your topic. On InfoBarrel I can write about anything I want to.

My earnings on InfoBarrel so far have been $15.97. Not a lot but I am happy with it so far. I may go 1-3 days with no click and the earn over $2.00 in one day. I have received a click that was worth well over $1.00 and it was for a Niche I assumed would be low paying. As I continue to write more articles and promote them with Twitter I know my earnings will increase drastically. I have successfully used Adsense on other websites and I know for a fact you can make great money with Adsense.

My average earnings has dropped too between $8-$9 per thousand visitors. I was earning well over $10.00 per thousand visitors but I attribute the drop to Twitter. The percentage of Twitter visitors who click on an Adsense ad is notoriously low. I have been been heavily promoting my article son Twitter. My visitors from Twitter click much more on my bicycle articles as that is what the majority of them are interested in. I still get many clicks from Twitter but not many of them will click on an ad. My earnings per thousand visitors has dropped but it is still WAY HIGHER than Bukisa.

My overall earnings on InfoBarrel will continue to climb each month. Last month I made 27 cents in about 10 days. This month I have made $15.71 so far. I expect my earnings at the end of December to be around $20.00. What is even more exciting is I know that each month my InfoBarrel earnings will climb higher.

In 2010 my writing goals will be to have at least 1500 articles on InfoBarrel and to also continue writing for the Examiner. InfoBarrel is my main goal but I heavily rely on my Examiner earnings and need to keep that money coming in.

I have not did very much search engine optimization. I mainly start writing about whatever topic comes to my mind. If I was too concentrate on SEO I am sure I would increase my earnings on InfoBarrel even faster.

I like the way InfoBarrel not gives you 75% of the Adsense impressions bu they also make it easy to increase your Adsense impressions for the following month simply by writing articles. I should have 91% of my Adsense impressions for January. That's an excellent way to start off my new year.