Windows Display

Every time a new Windows Operating System comes out, Microsoft promises some great features. I think some fantastic features rolled out in Window 7. Below are some of the most common ones I use in Windows 7. 

  1. One way to use your desktop efficiently is to dock windows. You can see the window on the left docked already. You can drag a window to either the middle left or middle right of the screen. If you release the mouse, it will expand similarly to the window on the left. This is great for seeing two documents at once or for some side by side comparisons. 
    Windows 7 Docking

  2. The search function is not as user-friendly as in XP. So, what do you do if you want to search for the contents in a file? Well, you look for the folder you want to search in. If you want to search a whole drive like this, be aware it will take some time. Once inside the folder you want to search inside of, you can type in "Contents:"words to search for"." Hit Enter and wait for the results to show up. 
    Windows 7 File Contents Search

  3. The thumbnail preview is a great feature. What you do is take your mouse cursor and hover over an icon on the taskbar. If you want to make it the active window, you click on the thumbnail preview. In addition, you can close the window by moving the cursor to the upper right of the preview, and clicking the X button. The thumbnail preview is great for having multiple browser windows up. In this picture, I hovered the mouse over Google Chrome to see what it looks like with multiple windows. 
    Windows Thumbnail

  4. Virtual Sticky Notes!!! I am a fan of using sticky notes, but this is really cool. You can get to it by clicking the Start button then typing in "Sticky" and hitting Enter. You should then have a Sticky Note on your desktop. You can write anything you want in it and place it wherever you see fit. It's a great way to remind yourself of any upcoming task, and it's environmentally friendly!
    Windows 7 Sticky Notes

  5. The calculator definitely got a huge upgrade. I remember the first time I clicked on View and saw all the different modes. I was genuinely impressed. I use the Programmer's Calculator at work all the time. There is even a feature to calculate mortgage payments. You can get to it by clicking the Start button, and then typing in "calculator" and hitting Enter. Once it is up, you can click on View and select one of the many options. 
    Windows 7 Calculator

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Please drop a line if this helped you or if you want to see any future content. Thank you for reading!